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  1. My first impressions after half an hour of use is this: 1 - Great work! My rather complex files seem to open with no problem! I can get work done with this. 2 - Moving points feels a *little* laggy - what I mean by this is that there's a small (perhaps a 1 or 1/2 second) delay before the point moves when dragged with the Apple Pencil. It's not a deal breaker but makes the app feel a bit "sticky". 3 - Full support for all keyboard shortcuts would be excellent, and really speed up my workflow. Some seem to work, while others do not. Examples of keys which do not work are: modifier keys - using shift to with the select tool to pick multiple objects, or "i" to bring up the colour picker.
  2. I've run into an odd bug which happens like this: I copy and paste shapes from one layer, to a layer below. When I try to move those shapes with the mouse, or the arrow keys they jump up to top layer. Using the latest Windows version of Affinity Designer, Windows 10, most recent automatic updates installed. Cheers!
  3. RocketBoots

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    I've been having this same issue as well on the current 12" iPad Pro + Apple Pencil. This causes the path to start in the wrong position. I've also noticed that when using the Apple pencil with the pen tool Affinity will often place the point above or below where I have clicked - this happens near paths I've already drawn, as if affinity does not want me to start a new path on top of an existing one.
  4. I'm using the current 12" iPad Pro.
  5. Hi Sean, thanks for the fast reply - I've figured it out the situation which causes this: the bottom most layer was outside of the artboard. I still don't understand why moving the shapes would cause them to change their hierarchy in the layer pallet, but adding the layer back into the artboard makes things work as they should
  6. Hi there, I have about 60 assets which I need to export as SVGs in colour, and in grayscale. Is there a simple way that will allow me to export SVGs in grayscale without 1) Rasterising them. 2) Requiring me to manually recolour every shape in each asset. Cheers.
  7. RocketBoots

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I'm Trevor White, a professional character designer and Illustrator living in London. I've worked in games and animation for over 10 years. You can find some of my work here - https://www.behance.net/trevorwhite I started using Affinity when I became freelance, and when Illustrator went subscription only. I've been using Affinity for professional work for about two years, though sometimes I still need to bite the bullet and sub to Adobe for a month or two for certain projects. Looking forward to see Affinity grow and become more capable. As well as holding out hope for the elusive iPad Pro port!
  8. No matter what I try some shapes simply go missing, and some remain but change position. Shapes are: just vectors have no layer effect applied - glow, blur etc. Grouped/ungrouped makes no difference. shapes are closed - no un-joined vertices. are not using any overlay modes such as soft light, overlay etc. I've also tried copying the illustration into a new document and exporting. I'm using this software professionally so things need to work. As it stands it looks like I'll need to sub to Illustrator and re-do a lot of my work.
  9. Yes, please send me the upload link.
  10. RocketBoots

    The Bumbletron!

    This is a wacky contraption I designed for a Moshi Monsters game. My first professional use of Affinity Designer.
  11. In Illustrator it's quick and easy to sample a colour and apply it to a new shape - using the colour picker you can select a colour, and then use alt+click to apply it. I haven't been able to replicate this functionality in Affinity Designer - though please let me know if I've missed something! If it doesn't exist, I'd love to see this functionality since it's a real time saver.
  12. RocketBoots

    Colour picker improvements

    Hi Alfred - thanks for the reply. Using the method you describe is still slower than Illustrator - the advantage with Illustrator is that you don't need to select any shapes. Select the colour picker, use it as you normally would to select a colour, then (with the picker still selected) simply hold the Alt key: Now the colour picker will apply the colour to any shapes you click it on - basically it acts like the paint bucket tool in PS until you release the Alt key.
  13. Hi there, my client has decided after several months that they do in fact need the files to be usable in illustrator- yay! Does anyone know what the best export settings to use are? I've been using PDF with the dpi set to 400 so any bits which need to be rasterised still look sharp. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would improve things further? Cheers!
  14. I'd love to be able to ditch AI, but some clients just need compatible files. I think the main problem I'm having is that layer effects and certain blend modes are being rasterised - gradients seem to be intact, but I need to test everything properly in AI to make sure. Anything which makes the process of converting files less painful would be much appreciated.

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