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hi guys,

I am hoping someone can please help as I MUST be doing something wrong as I can't believe the basic functionality of Designer would be so poor, it must be me!

I have an EPS file which has lots of objects in it, and if I open this in Illustrator, I can select every single object, but open that file in Designer and it will only allow me to select the massive block.

I am clicking a million times (which I thought would allow me to delve further into the group), but I just can't do anything with it.

As I said above, it must be me doing something wrong, but can someone please tell me how to select each individual object in this file?

I've uploaded a screenshot so you can see how the 2 apps behave SO differently.


designer 01.jpg

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If you draw a marque around a bunch of objects I'd think both programs would select a block of objects.  So I'm assuming you are meaning something else.  In AD if you click on one object while holding down the cmd (in mac, probably the ctrl on a PC) you should be able to select individual objects.  Depending on how they are organized in the layer list once an object is selected a different object in the same group can be selected by just clicking on it.  If one object overlaps another a opt click allows selecting the one underneath.  A shift in addition to the cmd click will allow multiple objects to be selected.  Is this what you are after?

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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  • Staff

Hi totalsurf,

Some good advice from @Gear maker 

If that doesn't work, can you post a copy of the EPS file?  A lot of the time the EPS file will actually have an AI file embedded inside and that's what gets opened in Illustrator, which is why the file is easier to work with.  

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Thanks guys. I tried ctrl, alt etc. just nothing working.

I'm not drawing a marque, literally just clicking once and it shows them as a group like that.

Sometimes (and there is no rhyme or reason!), I can see it outline each object in a purple outline which animates on an off in the interface, so I can see that it "sees" them as individual objects, but I wish I could select them.

EPG file is uploaded here - thanks again!


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Hi @totalsurf

As expected, those items are images and not separate items as you see in Illustrator.  If you open up the Group on the Layers Panel, you'll see these as image layers.  As explained on this post there are a number of items the EPS format doesn't understand and as such those items are converted to a picture in our app.   The other app gets round this by reading the embedded AI file, which isn't something we can do :( 

If you could get a copy of the same file as PDF, you'd have better results :) 


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Damm, that's such a shame. I was hoping to totally move away from Adobe garbage :-( most of these files (which you buy from image libraries) are like this, so I am going to have to keep working with both apps, even if just to copy and paste between the 2.

Thanks for your help though. i will delete that file now, so it's not downloadable as it could get the site into hot water as it is a purchased file.

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