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  1. Damm, that's such a shame. I was hoping to totally move away from Adobe garbage :-( most of these files (which you buy from image libraries) are like this, so I am going to have to keep working with both apps, even if just to copy and paste between the 2. Thanks for your help though. i will delete that file now, so it's not downloadable as it could get the site into hot water as it is a purchased file.
  2. Thanks guys. I tried ctrl, alt etc. just nothing working. I'm not drawing a marque, literally just clicking once and it shows them as a group like that. Sometimes (and there is no rhyme or reason!), I can see it outline each object in a purple outline which animates on an off in the interface, so I can see that it "sees" them as individual objects, but I wish I could select them. EPG file is uploaded here - thanks again!
  3. hi guys, I am hoping someone can please help as I MUST be doing something wrong as I can't believe the basic functionality of Designer would be so poor, it must be me! I have an EPS file which has lots of objects in it, and if I open this in Illustrator, I can select every single object, but open that file in Designer and it will only allow me to select the massive block. I am clicking a million times (which I thought would allow me to delve further into the group), but I just can't do anything with it. As I said above, it must be me doing something wrong, but can someone please tell me how to select each individual object in this file? I've uploaded a screenshot so you can see how the 2 apps behave SO differently. Thanks.
  4. that I may be wrong on, but I know I can print from Photoshop without this issue.
  5. thanks again. I'm using Acrobat Pro 9 which DEF supports CMYK and it also does it to a real printer as well, that's how I first spotted the problem.
  6. Hi Carl, Thanks, but as it's for print, CMYK is correct, RGB is for screens only. Thanks.
  7. Hmm, thanks. I wonder why I am getting it then?!? If I do an EXPORT, I don't get the background at all, but if I use print to ANYTHING it shows it - whether this is my canon inkjet or direct to a PDF. i see you're on a MAC though and I am on Windows 10 (should have mentioned that), so that may be the difference. Is there an official way to get support from Affinity on this?
  8. Further investigation shows that it is the outer shadow effect which is causing this background. If I turn that off, there is no background fill of any kind, but as soon as I turn it on, it breaks it again. Do Serif pickup and fix bugs from this forum, seems a pretty serious one to me?
  9. Hi, I am fairly new to Affinity photo, but even though, I am pretty sure this isn't something I am doing wrong but a bug... When I print a file to ANY printer including PDF using the official Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro drivers, a text box on my document is printing with a roughly 25% transparent fill which is NOT there in the file from what I can see. I have attached the PDF version of the file so you can see the error and also the original afphoto file in case anyone can help! This is a show stopper for me as it means I can't print ANYTHING designed in this software ATM, so I would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks. BG error.afphoto BG error.pdf
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