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Export Persona: Update Target Folder At Document Change

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When I open Affinity Designer with a new document, Export Persona correctly updates the destination folder for the relevant file. But if I close the document, leave Affinity Designer open, and open a new file, Affinity Designer will export to the directory of the previous file what causes confusion when later searching for the exported files on the hard drive.

I am not sure if this is intended behavior or not, if so please ignore this message.

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Hi 0125,

The last folder you was in is the one that gets remembered and displayed when you re-enter the Windows Open/Save dialog. This is what I was getting when trying to reproduce. For example the second time I went to export, the folder that was displayed was the same location as where the file I had just opened was stored.

Was you starting new documents, or opening existing ones? 

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I have two existing projects, Project A and Project B.

Expected behavior: Exporting from Project A saves to Project A's folder; exporting from Project B saves to Project B's folder, e.g.:

C:/Project A/file_of_ProjectA.jpg

C:/Project B/file_of_ProjectB.jpg

This is what happens when I open either Project A or Project B 'from scratch', that is Affinity Designer was closed beforehand.

Observed behavior when I first open Project A, close Project A but leave Affinity Designer open, then open Project B, and make the first export of the second project:

C:/Project A/file_of_ProjectB.jpg

I obviously can change the export path manually to Project B, but if I forget to do so I must later search for the exported file on my hard drive in whatever project was opened first (in this case Project A).

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36 minutes ago, 0125 said:

I usually open files from the Windows task bar jumplist.

That would explain it - as you're not going through the File > Open window, it will be using the last folder you were in. There is an improvement in with development regarding this - I'll get that bumped with them.

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