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  1. ...or, even better, 3 types of icons: Affinity templates, Affinity files, and non-native files (.jpg, .png, etc.).
  2. I use quick access to recent files (right click) through pinned applications on the windows taskbar a lot. Would it be possible to use different icons for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files? Much like template files in Microsoft Office have different icons from regular documents. This would increase readability significantly. Thanks!
  3. OK, happy to hear I'm not alone here. Yes, I was not so much concerned about a new, blank document, but specific projects with their specific, dedicated document swatches that were last selected.
  4. I have two existing projects, Project A and Project B. Expected behavior: Exporting from Project A saves to Project A's folder; exporting from Project B saves to Project B's folder, e.g.: C:/Project A/file_of_ProjectA.jpg C:/Project B/file_of_ProjectB.jpg This is what happens when I open either Project A or Project B 'from scratch', that is Affinity Designer was closed beforehand. Observed behavior when I first open Project A, close Project A but leave Affinity Designer open, then open Project B, and make the first export of the second project: C:/Project A/file_o
  5. When I open Affinity Designer with a new document, Export Persona correctly updates the destination folder for the relevant file. But if I close the document, leave Affinity Designer open, and open a new file, Affinity Designer will export to the directory of the previous file what causes confusion when later searching for the exported files on the hard drive. I am not sure if this is intended behavior or not, if so please ignore this message.
  6. This is a minor issue, but it would be nice if the program remembered the last active document swatch at startup and wouldn't always resort to the default grayscale swatch.
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