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Can't open Affinity after purchase

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I am an iMac user and I've just purchased Affinity. The download appeared to work, I have Affinity listed in the applications folder (shows in Finder) and I have the icon (Purple triangle) in the doc at the bottom of the screen. I find it interesting though that I don't have any sign of Affinity in my downloads folder??)


Anyway either clicking the icon in the doc or the application in Finder does nothing, the icon bounces up and down but nothing opens.


I have been in touch with apple support who say there is no issues at their end and referred me to the developer but I don't seem to be able to find a direct route to Serif, all I can find is this forum.


Can anyone help





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  • Staff

Hi Stewart,


TonyB is the Head of SerifLabs, in charge of all Affinity products and I'm the Project Manager and lead developer of Affinity Designer - so, yes, Serif definitely participate in the forum ;)


I can't think why your download isn't just running up - it's not something we've ever had an issue with before... Is it possible that you could go to your Applications folder, right-click on the Affinity Photo icon and choose 'Get Info' then at the bottom of that dialog add your user to the list of users with permissions and choose 'read and write' as the privilege. It really shouldn't be the case, but it's possible that your user may not have privileges to run the application? :S


If this still doesn't work, try launching the application as normal but immediately hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard - it should bring up a dialog... Click 'Select all' and then commit. Hopefully one of those should work?


I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this... :)


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Thanks Matt, the solution of holding the ctl key after trying to open, worked, I can now open Affinity thanks


My very limited "play" after opening was interesting, is there a good link avail with tutorials for beginners, I could open an image and do some basic editing but trying to get into layers etc was a bit of a challenge


Incidentally you'll see from my earlier posts that I though this was a user forum where users help other users, I don't recall seeing anywhere that the developers were participating in providing solutions, so maybe others thought the same as me, maybe you could make it clearer, just a thought

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