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IDML Imported file and pdf output issues

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I was really pleased to see that IDML import has now arrived, so I took a file I did recently which is of a Calendar.

The original InDesign document was created in the latest version. it has bleed and a slug area at the top with annotations of which page it is as it will be produced as 28 page A4 Landscape but with the fold along the long edge. (final size 14 spreads)

Apub does the import really well, I haven't looked closely at everything but it did flag up a missing graphic which I haven't received from the client!

The problem comes when I output the file to pdf. Although the type on the document is correct, the pdf output is garbled, it's like its in a different language!

Enclosed here are the original InDesign pdf and the APub pdf.

I can package up both the documents if you want to see where the problem lies.

It's a very good start though.

Just a comment, there are times when you need to supply an IDML file, for instance when the recipient doesn't have the latest version of InDesign, mainly because their computer isn't the latest so won't run the newest version of InDesign. Being able to send them IDML files allows them to work on those files.



BRC Legacy PREMIUM 2020 calendar-InDesign.pdf

BRC Legacy PREMIUM 2020 calendar-APub.pdf

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Thanks for that, It exports fine for me but that is likely because the Helvetica Neueu (T1) font is being substituted as I don't have that on my machine. Can you upload this font to this link please, I have seen something like this before and I don't think it's down to the IDML import, I suspect if you created a document from scratch using the same font the outputted pdf might have the same issue?

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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Hi Jon,

I've just done a test with a new document and it seems that the pdf output is correct, but I'll have a go and make up the whole document and see if that makes a difference. I'm thinking that it won't!

The test.pdf is attached, its just 2 pages...




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