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[AP] Table Of Content, a numbered & styled story

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It's been a while since i haven't posted here. (Doesn't mean i haven't read some threads from time to time).

I've dived into Publisher ocean, and i'm trying to push it's limits. And i've come to an end concerning TOC.

I'm trying to create a "design" TOC. With a multitude of styles and graphics (see image from my "design") :


And now i'm looking forward to achieve what i have'nt found myself (so here i am). See where i've managed to get to, by tweaking TOC styles :


I'm still looking for a way to add "0" before my numbers (as in my design screenshot); 

As well as points after (as in my design screenshot). *Found*  (not optimal though as 3 digits numbers won't work and 1 digits need 0 before so the space between full stop ans numbers is always the same );

I'm also looking for a way to add my stroke between the page number and the name of the heading. (This one not sure i'll find a way other than adding the by manually) *Found* thx to @GarryP

NOTA : I could keep my "design" TOC, but i'm not that kind of man! I need to understand how far i can go (for further projects ^^).

So does any "vieux de la vieille" as we say in my country (could be translated as old folks knowing their job), who has informations i didn't find by myself.

Thx in advance gentlemans !


Art Director at Tribu And Co | French web agency - See our work at http://www.tribu-and-co.fr

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The best I have been able to come up with so far is attached.
It’s not perfectly crafted, and it doesn’t quite do what you want, and I can’t remember all the steps I took to get it how it is, but you might be able to pick it apart and apply some of the techniques to your TOC.
Known problems:
1. I can’t get the initial zero added automatically;
2. I can’t get the full stop after the number to resize nicely.
However, you can get the lines so that’s one, maybe one and a half, step(s) further.


Annotation 2019-11-15 100053.png

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Hi @GarryP thx for your answer, clever use of decoration i didn't think of. It gave me an idea :

Creating a second decoration and making it the full stop playing with indent and the "relative to" option (can even make it round if needed).

Here is the result :


It's almost what i'm trying to achieve. 

Last issue i still do need my zero before the number (It makes even more sense with the full stop placed manually).

So if anyone has an idea \o/ .

We're almost there ! 

Cheers !

Art Director at Tribu And Co | French web agency - See our work at http://www.tribu-and-co.fr

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