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  1. Not sure if i should laugh or cry of that kind of answer. BTW, mid January 2019, is the issue fixed? Cause i've got 250+ photos to batch/macro/crop and manually is not even an option. Thx
  2. Bento

    Cannot resize panels

    Have no issues on my side with resizing panels. What version of OSX and Affinity are you using?
  3. Hi, why not just add stroke and thick it to the number of pixel wanted? (eventually expand stroke afterward and "add" the two curves to merge them together)
  4. geez lol i use the shit+cmd+opt+F to invoke filler text ^^ And i use cmd+opt+F to invoke fx panel.. Guess i'll have to find another shortcut ^^ you guys made my day
  5. Hi Everyone, i'm not sure if it's a bug, but i use "insert filler text" a lot, so i decided to give it a shortcut. Usualy when i use the text menu i get classic "Lorem ipsum", but since i have created a shortcut i have what seems to me pieces of "Alice in wonderland". Is that known? Looks like an easter egg of some sort. Haven't found options to set it to "Lorem ipsum". Any idea? Thx ! Ben
  6. This issue has been around for so much time... Dozens of people including myself have asked for a real pixel alignement. Maybe one day! Oh and speaking of asked features, when is the warp tool coming for AD @MEB ? Cheers
  7. Well that still is pretty near from now, good ! Is there somewhere you give such informations? Doesn't seems to be discuss anywhere on the forum neither on your blog (i might have missed it though). Cheers !
  8. Nice to ear ! Keep up the good work ! When is the next mac release scheduled? Cheers !
  9. Thanks to you 3, i'll continue to reimport images to do what i need. In fact i shouldn't have those issues, but i'm using "Edit in photo" to work on visuals as i'm crafting my webdesigns so from time to time i might rasterize layer. This not optimum but AD's still young, i'll be patient ^^.
  10. Thanks MEB, and nice workaround Carl ! -> Mhhh i don't see "Past sp├ęcial" in AD ?
  11. Si all, how can i use the transparency tool on an image that has been rasterised? When you import images in affinity designer they are displayed as "image" in layer panel. But since you rasterize them, they are defined as "pixel". Is there a way to put "pixel" back into "image" in order to use transparency tool on them? Or is there a way to use transparency tool on pixel? Thanks ! Bento