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Large selection area around rounded rectangles?

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Hi all,

I'm encountering a strange problem.  I'm using a lot of rounded rectangles in a document.  On certain rounded rectangles, they seem to have a huge selection area (invisible) around them (roughly twice the width of the actual object).  It is really a nuisance as when I try to click any objects nearby, instead I select the problematic rounded rectangles.  I'm at a lost - they are straightforward objects, I can't see any funky masking or other issues.  

I attached a sample file with a couple problematic rounded rectangles and a couple non-problematic.  I called the layers "Problem Child" so you can see.  Try selecting far away from the problem ones and you select the object.

Thoughts?  Am I missing some obvious setting???



RoundedRectangle Selection - example project.afdesign

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Hi Brad,

It looks to be caused by the 'Scale with object' tickbox enabled on the objects. Turning this off will stop them being selected from far away. Regarding those two objects do you know how you created them and got them to the size they were?

I have a feeling if they've been scaled with this ticked then it could be the reason the selection is off.

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Indeed, turning off "scale with object" solves the problem.

Honestly, I don't remember my workflow.  I think I started in one document as a rounded rectangle, then it went through a couple copy/pastes, scales, groupings, etc. and then into the current document.

That really helps clean up my document!  Thanks!

Regards, BK

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