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  1. That seems to have fixed it. Thanks!!!
  2. Just updated the driver. HP Spectre x360 with Core i7, 8th gen, Intel 620 graphics. Unfortunately the update made no difference, still pulsing.
  3. Hi Affinity, I'm demoing your trial of Affinity Photo. I'm using Win10 on a brand new HP Spectre Laptop, very high end specs. I'm editing a dark grey image. I'm seeing a strange "flickering" or "pulsing" in the image window. It is very slight, random, and just barely visible. I don't believe the rest of the program menus/surrounds are flickering. I have not seen this issue on this new computer in any of my other software, so I don't believe it is a hardware issue. Any solution? It is very annoying and a deal breaker for me using the software... Thanks, Brad