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Found 18 results

  1. I have no desire to upgrade from Windows 7. Will Affinity continue to be able to be used on Windows 7 or are there plans to scrap support for this in the coming months?
  2. Why doesn't Affinity Photo Panorama Persona import .afphoto files?
  3. Hi, I'm running Designer + Photo 1.7.xxx on a Windows 7 SP1 64bits computer, not so connected and updated by Microsoft Update. There are several scripts errors when I launch the Designer / Photo offline help. What are the requirements for having this help section working 100% if possible ? Sometimes I've noticed too examples images before/after not showing too. I'm ok to update only needed Microsoft packages, but don't want to update the whole system to stay on a fluid computer (my personal point of view !)... if possible. Thx !
  4. Hello, I have not yet purchased, nor even taken up the offer of the 10 day trial as I want to know for sure that my Canon 77D camera (have a Sigma 18-300mm lens too) is supported by Affinity for Windows. Neither the camera nor lens are listed as being supported but think it will actually work ok. Are there plans to add this kit into the Affinity supported gear? If so, is there a timeline / release date? What drawbacks will I face with a) the camera & b) the lens not being supported? I currently use Canon's DPP & having an unsupported lens is a real pain as I can't make any lens corrections. Thanks :-) Julie.
  5. Hi all, need install my AD in a windows 7 os. I attached some pics for show you the steps i does 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 And boom. I read all forums, windows recomendations,... (6 hours in over that) and finally here. Can anyone help me? I need to install this tool yesterday. So, please need a urgent help or .... Thanks!
  6. Hey all. Just bought Designer for Windows. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. When I click on the installer package and then confirm with windows that I want to run the executable, the next screen is see is a crash error titled "Affinity Designer Setup has stopped working". See attached imaged. Tried disabling Avast, closing all other software, restarting, restarting and installing in safe mode, and installing 3 or 4 of the previous releases (going back to 1.5). Same result every time (except for safe mode, which tells me installer can't run in safe mode). Any ideas? I'm kinda bummed. I just don't like paying for something I can't use. It really gets me down. Like, every time.
  7. I recently downloaded the latest versions of Designer and Photo. Designer was installed, but when I tried to run the newer Designer installer it would hang on Installing Affinity Designer, just like the attached image. I was also unable to uninstall Designer, I had to run in Safe Mode and then use MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab to select the troubled uninstall. Just to make sure it wasn't my workstation having installer issues, I uninstalled all my Adobe programs and Corel Draw, including some drivers. No issues uninstalling or reinstalling, just to make sure. It seems only the installers/uninstaller for your programs are what is stopping. I left my workstation running overnight figuring it may install while I was away, nope, managed to get half way but never finished. I've reviewed my Windows logs and no issues with Application or System. It is a brand new system btw. I tried the Windows Installer FAQ on this forum and tried a few other tricks but it continues to fail.
  8. I am new to AP, just downloaded Windows version last week. I am running Windows 7 Professional. Until this evening I was able to open, adjust, and develop RAW files just fine. Suddenly tonight this issue started: I open and adjust RAW files the the colors display accurately but when I develop the RAW image it turns gray and the colors change and are less vibrant. It appears to be more than an exposure issue because when I adjust exposure in the Photo Persona the colors are different. Very frustrating, has anybody encountered this issue? If somebody could offer a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Before and after screen shots appear below. I am puzzled. As I said everything worked just fine until tonight. I've already updated my monitor drivers and reset all settings to default (holding Cntrl key on startup, neither solved the problem. Before Development: After Development
  9. File passed to Photo from Lightroom in Windows 7 64 bit. Carry out various edits - layers - masks - filters. Attempt to export tif, overwriting file created in Lightroom. Photo crashes during 'file save'. This has now happened on around 5 out of 6 times with different photos and changes. Can no longer justify wasting time doing edits!
  10. Hi, I have a user that is using your hard and software for Affinity and equinox 2.0. It was installed on PC1 for years and worked without any problem, suddenly it stops working. I tried to re-install the software from the CD-rom gotten at purchase, everything is fine until i try to open the .exe file and it instantly crashes(xxmodulesuite has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution) the computer has all the requirements thats asked for, I am running windows 7 with all the latest windows updates. I installed it on a similiar specs machine with Windows 7 and it works without a problem. Could this be a driver issue? I have not yet checked that all the drivers are up to date. Best regards
  11. I'm a video editor and photographer, in order to work fluidly and comfortable I have a computer with 4 monitors running on Windows 7 Ultimate. After buying Affinity and A LOT OF RESEARCH I found out that Aero is disabled by Windows when it detects more than 3 monitors. I bought Affinity Photo because it looked like a good replacement for Photoshop or an extra tool for my work. Now, when I try to run the program, it does not do it because my Windows disabled Aero, I have several programs for design, video edition, photography, etc. and Affinity Photo IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT RUN ON MY COMPUTER. WHAT KIND OF CRAP I HAVE BOUGHT? $50.00 and a lot of time lost. Is this company help customers like me having this problem? Please, HELP!!!
  12. When ever I zoom in or out, or if i make the brush bigger and smaller, this happens. I have no clue what it is. It also occurs on other programs but it started up when I downloaded Affinity Photo on my laptop(for the first time)
  13. Hi everyone , I keep experience crashing , ( code 0x80004003 ) it does open fine and work all fine in vector mode but when I try to switch to pixel persona it crash immediately, .... was browsing forum for some ideas, did apply some but did not work, uninstall and reinstall did not work either , crash dialog box did appeared and I have sent you inform, I do have installed some of Photoshop brushes, just in case to let you know , maybe is this cause , Affinity Designer Windows 7,64-bit,(Service Pack 1) Intel i5-3210M Nvidia GeForce GT 630M all windows stuff is up to date and clean(at least this is what its say ) Ai CC, Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Krita work like a charm , never any problems with them so far ..... Thank you all in advance for any suggestions,tips ,ideas solutions etc...... Dragan
  14. Hello everyone! I have a question about Affinity Designer: if i'm using Affinity Designer on windows since beta, i still need to buy it after beta expires? Thanks, Best regards!
  15. Yesterday I bought the final version of AD. I created a document with several images and some text. I exported it to a SVG file. Everything without a problem. Today I opened the afdesign file (size 100MB) on another PC with Windows 7 to adjust something. Soon a crash occurred. When I tried to open it once more, I have got something like an infinite loop. There is no CrashReports folder in Version 1.0 ?
  16. hello, after i finally bough your app for windows, i started to mess around with the grace ui kit offered for free, here what happened as a bug seem to persist: i opened up multi-documents from the folder UI Sheets which contain 11 files, i zoomed in on the file "ecommerce" with the zoom tool, without changing the tool, i scrolled up or down with the middle button mouse which it's a little wheel. it immediately crashed up. just like that... you can see the screenshot i took. i hope that would help you out. good luck!
  17. I just downloaded beta and found it to be somewhat familiar to Draw 8 and that's good. My problem is I drag and drop JEPG into application and it does not come up with photo persona, I always end up in draw persona. I have looked through many menus looking for photo persona and can't find it. Running windows 7 (64 bit). What going on......Thanks
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