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  1. you need to be on a pixel layer. From your example none of the other Affinity filters were available either!
  2. Wow, just DLed the latest Beta version & have indeed manually selected the lens which is great. However, I thought that incorporating the lens profile, chromatic aberration would be achieved & hopefully defringing. Does this always have to be manually selected? Am sure that using a 'known' Canon lens, chromatic aberration was at least taken care of? Thanks all Julie.
  3. Thanks. Will ask them as I really only asked them about their profile.
  4. I have what I hope can be a yes / no answer type question. I've created an ICC profile (sRGB) after monitor calibration, great. I want to send photos to an external printing house (as a photo book) which uses a CMYK (FOGRA39) profile. Can I simply export the photos using the ICC CMYK profile they use or is there more to it? Is soft proofing necessary? (I'm not really sure what it is but have seen some tutorials on it). What about document -> assign an ICC profile? I'm using AF v1.8.0.486 Beta. thanks so much Julie.
  5. Thanks Chris & Laurentia, I wait the next beta version with bated breath! Julie.
  6. That's wonderful news Chris, thanks :-) Let me know if there's any information I can help with. The lens has been around for quite a while so had assumed it would have been picked up by v1.7 but seems it relates to Lensfun more than AF? Thanks Julie.
  7. Thanks so much Laurentia, you've been wonderful. Unfortunately I still have the problem. Will the developers see this & take note or do I need to let them know? Thanks again, Julie.
  8. Thanks so much Laurentia. This is the smallest RAW file could find using that lens..... IMG_1167.CR2
  9. Thanks Laurentia for trying to help me out. I got the version of lensfun you quote & yes, the lens is in there. I now have this version & AF still says there's no lens profile??????????? (I also shoot with a pretty standard Canon wide angle lens which is recognised by AP). I am confused???? Julie :-)
  10. Hi, Am using AP Beta & found James' great video on adding in lens profiles. I followed it to add in my Sigma 18-300mm lens which was included in the profile. However, when opening a RAW file, there is no lens profile. Here's a screenshot showing the inclusion of the profile file, the lens itself & lens profile distortion box revealing none. Any ideas as to what I need to do? Thanks so much, Julie.
  11. Thanks. Guess I should. I'll lose all my macros & plugins though, won't I? Julie.
  12. Hi Timo, Haven't heard anything. I think the developers are aware? I had Silver Efex crash as well so haven't tried it again. Viveza & Define work. Julie.
  13. I had got the grey screen above when using Silver Efex but now I get this: AP is now stuck & I will have to can the ap! This is the desktop version using Windows 7 & was fine until the latest AP update to 1.7.404. Julie.
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