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  1. Thanks. Guess I should. I'll lose all my macros & plugins though, won't I? Julie.
  2. Hi Timo, Haven't heard anything. I think the developers are aware? I had Silver Efex crash as well so haven't tried it again. Viveza & Define work. Julie.
  3. Thanks Chris.
  4. I had got the grey screen above when using Silver Efex but now I get this: AP is now stuck & I will have to can the ap! This is the desktop version using Windows 7 & was fine until the latest AP update to 1.7.404. Julie.
  5. StephenGB, I actually like Windows 7! My laptop's on its last legs so will be buying a new one soon & it will have Windows 10 in it by default. Have another small one with Windows 10 on it but haven't loaded Affinity onto that one. It was working before the new AP version was installed :-(
  6. Yes, exactly what I get. The only way out is to end Affinity as it gets stuck.
  7. Since updating to (Photo) on Windows 7 when using some of the NIK plugins, they start to load but then it turns to grey (the plugin screen) & Photo is then stuck & the only way out it to can Photo (end the process via the task manager). This has happened with the HDR & SilverFX. Others seem to be ok. I am using the old (free) Google version of NIK. Julie :-)
  8. Thanks John. I've fixed it up now I think. It seems to open quicker once a particular plugin's been used. Some seem quite useful - lots more experimentation is to be had! I hadn't realised the issue of crops etc being ignored. I'll take note of your comment to rasterise though. Thanks! Julie.
  9. I have just installed NIK & found a great youtube video on how to use it: I am using the Beta (350) version of Photo. I tried using Viveza & it didn't work. Firstly the image was all washed out & I wasn't able to use the control point feature which is what it's all about! As I have the free version, that's not going to change. I was wondering if anything in Affinity is likely to change (during the beta testing) that would cause the NIK plugins to work better? I also tried the HDR feature & that wouldn't allow multiple images to be input & using it on just one image came out with some weird results! I had a little look at Silver Efex but did't choose the best image. I'm wonderig if it could be any better than AP's colour sliders? What are the best features of the NIK plugins that are worth using via AP? So far they have taken forever to load but that could be my crappy laptop!
  10. I'm now using v1.7.0.350 & it seems fine! Thanks Julie.
  11. Have just DLed v1.7.0.333 & notice the haze removal filter seems to be doing the opposite of what it should be. Increasing the Strength slider add more haze. I see there's a newer beta version but noting is mentioned of this in the release notes. Thanks Julie.
  12. juliep

    Beta update fails.....

    Yippeeeee. I'm now running 1.7.293! I had trouble uninstalling the first beta version. It got stuck somehow, so, when in doubt, reboot! I've rebooted again & it seems to have got rid of the 'mess' & now I've seamlessly installed the current one. Thanks :-) Julie.
  13. juliep

    Beta update fails.....

    Hi Mark, Thanks for getting back to me. I have rebooted the laptop many times. I might try uninstalling the whole thing & then starting again with the current iteration of the Beta! Thanks Julie.
  14. Hi, I am running Beta version 258 of Photo which I dled easily. Every time there's a new beta version & I try to update to it, it fails straight away: Then, upon clicking on 'update': I get preparing for a couple of seconds, then: I have tried this with the Beta version started & not started to the same end. Do I need to uninstall the beta version? I'm prompted to 'update' the beta version every time I start it. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks Julie.
  15. It's supported in the Beta version so when that goes to production, guess it will be!