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  1. juliep

    Work with RAM.

    Hi Mark, You mean the release number? Am using 1.7.243. If there's a 1.7.251 around, maybe I should try that then? It was more the fact that AP was using all the RAM I had! My next laptop will be 16G?B I should think. The laptop is also 6 years old & Windows 7 so not in its prime! I'm actually using an external drive through USB3. Julie :-)
  2. The fact that, as people have said above, that when you sharpen using the detailed refinement in the Develop persona, when you then develop the image & get transported to the Photo persona, the image doesn't look as refined. Julie. :-)
  3. juliep

    Work with RAM.

    Thanks Mark, I have found it extremely memory hungry to the point of it crashing my computer a lot as well as getting stuck in a loop. Here's a screenshot eg: IT often takes a considerable time just to 'develop' an image & as for HDR merging - maybe half an hour, during which time the computer is unusable, often crashing as well. I was using RAW files. Am I better running an HDR merge with JPGs? I am running Windows 7 with 8GB RAM. Even when I'm not using it, it uses an awful lot of memory. I am wanting to update my computer anyway but the memory issues are way worse than the production version. When 1.7 is released for real, will these issues be resolved? Thanks, Julie.
  4. I have noticed the same thing. I am wondering why? - ie why was the change made in this release? I really enjoyed the sharpening.
  5. juliep Issue / comments

    Walt, you're brilliant, ta! 1) Canon have stopped providing individual codecs like this now - everything's incorporated into DPP which explains why I can see them when using that SW. Another forum reply re this sort of thing I have just found mentioned FastPictureViewer which one has to pay for & it's a one use licence & considering I plan on getting a new laptop soon is a bit of a bummer. I don't know of MS providing any free codecs? I have discovered FastStone & guess I can use that to preview RAW images before opening in Affinity. I guess that I'll have to keep using FastStone but can not bother with DPP for the RAW conversion! 2) Great, ta. Have updated the preference. I must have done that with 1.6? 3) I'd never noticed that little wheel. I'll start using it now! I notice it's only for the Photo persona (& not Develop) but can crop in Photo so that's fine. Thanks so much! BTW, do you have any ideas on a suitable laptop (Windows 10 I guess) that works well with Affinity? I know I need as much RAM as possible. My current one (Lenovo Win 7) is struggling. It has 8gb RAM & was high spec when I bought it 6 years ago! Julie :-)
  6. I started using Photo So far my issues / comments are: 1) My Canon 77D is now meant to be included in this release yet RAW photos are not visible as thumbnails when I try to 'open' a folder. Am I missing something? This is the main reason I thought I'd try out the beta version. 2) The hand tool used to increase / decrease the image size when twirling the mouse dial, now it moves the image around. Is this a permanent change? 3) Cropping no longer has presets. Do I need to set these up & if so, how? Basic ones like 2:3 & 1:1 would be useful. I haven't done much yet so might add some more comments later. Thanks Julie.
  7. Yipppe, I just checked out the list of cameras for the much anticipated 1.7 upgrade & it's there! I don't think I'll bother with the Beta version as the REAL one should be soon. I have been exporting my photos using the generated ICC profile & I think I seem ok.
  8. Thanks V. Yes, will just have to wait patiently :-)
  9. Alas I use Windows..........but can follow your instructions WHEN the Windows version is updated! Danke sehr!
  10. Thanks again V..... Well I rebooted DPP (really poor not to have done that already - sorry). Now inputing a file to AP it comes in as: At least it's sRGB but not quite sure what flavour it is........anyway, good to know that I think I'm better off now, thanks to your suggestions! AP still doesn't support my camera which is not great as it's close to 2 years old I would think but fingers crossed it will be soon. Not sure what changes have been made in the new Beta version that's around. To get to something 'normal' you have to make a lot of changes & still not as good as DPP so will use that for the time being. It is really slow to save alas...... Thanks for all of you help & Merry Christmas! :-) Julie.
  11. Thanks so much V for all the effort you've put in to trying to help me. I wanted to have a bit of a play around before replying to you. I have been able to use the 'document' drop down to change the setting before then exporting. I'd really like a way to have the sRGB version from the calibration as the default rather than having to change it every time. I'm looking at an image that's been through DPP & it's set to Adobe RGB in AP. I'll now look at a RAW image straight into AP.....mmm.....interesting. I opened the file then developed it & it's come up as the calibrated version???? That's obviously not something I would normally due as AP doesn't have my camera registered so the photos need a lot of work (under exposed etc). I wonder if it's something DPP is doing? When saving a JPG file, there's a box (ticked by default) that is 'embedded ICC profile'. I tried saving a JPG image with the box ticked AND unticked & both brought it to AP with Adobe RGB. Now looking at the colour preferences (DPP), this is the default: I'm not sure what would best work? I will now change the top one to sRGB & the bottom one to the monitor profile whereupon I can then use the calibrated value. I have now saved the image with both the embedded ICC profile ticked & unticked. Bizarrely both of these version have come into AP with Adobe RGB in their description where yours is sRGB. I am still confused! Does this make sense? Thanks, Julie. :-)
  12. Thanks V for your time in replying. The monitor was calibrated with a device - a ColorMunki. I don't think that there was an issue with the monitor actually. Yes, ICC profile created. I'm not sure what the calibrator supports, but the profile I created was an sRGB one. We did some tests & photos saved with any of the sRGB profiles were ok. The only photos affected were ones I had played with in Affinity. The DPP JPG ones were fine. (This is all per a photography friend looking at my photos on his devices). Affinity must do 'something' when the jpgs are exported. Only images that come into Affinity (as jpgs from DPP) & are exported out again are affected. The images are very light & bright. If I want to make sure that they're exported in some sRGB format, what can I do? I couldn't see any settings???? (only the one off 'profile' drop down in the develop persona) Why would it make a difference if I use the Develop persona as well as the Photo one? Sometimes there are some nice sharpening & gradient tools I like to use, extraneous to the RAW development (which I've abandoned anyway). Thanks Julie.
  13. Hi, My Affinity-edited photos as seen on others' devices & a calibrated projector have come out EXTREMELY over exposed. They look fine on my monitor. I have calibrated the monitor. Someone noticed the 'profile' dropdown in the Develop persona is set my default to Adobe RGB. I was told that this should always be sRGB. I can't find a way to update the default to one of the sRGB settings permanently. I have been doing my RAW conversion in Cannon's DPP as 1) RAW files don't have thumbnails & look terrible (under exposed & under saturated) in Affinity as my camera (Canon 77D) is not yet recognised by Affinity & 2) DPP has an easy way to 'fix' under & over exposed parts of the image that Affinity can't do as well as being able to view the RAW images. I then do further processing in Affinity. It appears that I will need to go into the Develop persona & change the 'profile' value before developing & exporting the image every time. Is this a common problem? Is the fix correct? Does this relate at all to my camera not being recognised? (also is there an ETA / release when this camera will be included?) I can't provide a screen dump of the images as seen by others as they look fine on my monitor but very embarrassing showing images at my camera club . Any enlightenment would be appreciated . Thanks Julie
  14. I was just about to write a post when I saw Jeroen's post here. That's my problem exactly. I used to use Canon's DPP to process RAW files from my 77D. Now, having upgraded to Affinity, I am assuming the issue with the colours being faded / grey tinged is because the camera's not supported......YET! I do hope that this is soon! Viewing the images through DPP or Irfan View (use this to view the RAW thumbnails) the colours are vibrant & as they should be. Not happy with the colour fading that affinity does. Is there a date for the inclusion of this camera? (Am loving Affinity more & more every day as I master new techniques & think that the support is excellent!) Julie.
  15. Thanks Ian. I saw that mentioned on the DPReveiw forum. That might be the answer!