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  1. juliep

    Beta update fails.....

    Yippeeeee. I'm now running 1.7.293! I had trouble uninstalling the first beta version. It got stuck somehow, so, when in doubt, reboot! I've rebooted again & it seems to have got rid of the 'mess' & now I've seamlessly installed the current one. Thanks :-) Julie.
  2. juliep

    Beta update fails.....

    Hi Mark, Thanks for getting back to me. I have rebooted the laptop many times. I might try uninstalling the whole thing & then starting again with the current iteration of the Beta! Thanks Julie.
  3. Hi, I am running Beta version 258 of Photo which I dled easily. Every time there's a new beta version & I try to update to it, it fails straight away: Then, upon clicking on 'update': I get preparing for a couple of seconds, then: I have tried this with the Beta version started & not started to the same end. Do I need to uninstall the beta version? I'm prompted to 'update' the beta version every time I start it. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks Julie.
  4. It's supported in the Beta version so when that goes to production, guess it will be!
  5. juliep Issue / comments

    Thanks so much S & I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply to you. I have been using FastStone Image Viewer & am finding it very helpful. By the time I get around to buying a new Windows 10 laptop, the SW release might be in place so that would be great. I am really loving AP! Julie.
  6. Sorry for taking so long to reply. For me, when sharpening in the develop persona, then developing, the sharpness stays in tact when thrust into the photo persona. In the Beta versions 1.7.x this is not the case. The sharpened image becomes less sharp when developed. I see a marked difference.
  7. juliep

    Work with RAM.

    Thanks Blende. I hope to have a new laptop soon & will be Windows 10. I'll make sure it's fit for use too!
  8. juliep

    Work with RAM.

    Hi Mark, You mean the release number? Am using 1.7.243. If there's a 1.7.251 around, maybe I should try that then? It was more the fact that AP was using all the RAM I had! My next laptop will be 16G?B I should think. The laptop is also 6 years old & Windows 7 so not in its prime! I'm actually using an external drive through USB3. Julie :-)
  9. The fact that, as people have said above, that when you sharpen using the detailed refinement in the Develop persona, when you then develop the image & get transported to the Photo persona, the image doesn't look as refined. Julie. :-)
  10. juliep

    Work with RAM.

    Thanks Mark, I have found it extremely memory hungry to the point of it crashing my computer a lot as well as getting stuck in a loop. Here's a screenshot eg: IT often takes a considerable time just to 'develop' an image & as for HDR merging - maybe half an hour, during which time the computer is unusable, often crashing as well. I was using RAW files. Am I better running an HDR merge with JPGs? I am running Windows 7 with 8GB RAM. Even when I'm not using it, it uses an awful lot of memory. I am wanting to update my computer anyway but the memory issues are way worse than the production version. When 1.7 is released for real, will these issues be resolved? Thanks, Julie.
  11. I have noticed the same thing. I am wondering why? - ie why was the change made in this release? I really enjoyed the sharpening.
  12. juliep Issue / comments

    Walt, you're brilliant, ta! 1) Canon have stopped providing individual codecs like this now - everything's incorporated into DPP which explains why I can see them when using that SW. Another forum reply re this sort of thing I have just found mentioned FastPictureViewer which one has to pay for & it's a one use licence & considering I plan on getting a new laptop soon is a bit of a bummer. I don't know of MS providing any free codecs? I have discovered FastStone & guess I can use that to preview RAW images before opening in Affinity. I guess that I'll have to keep using FastStone but can not bother with DPP for the RAW conversion! 2) Great, ta. Have updated the preference. I must have done that with 1.6? 3) I'd never noticed that little wheel. I'll start using it now! I notice it's only for the Photo persona (& not Develop) but can crop in Photo so that's fine. Thanks so much! BTW, do you have any ideas on a suitable laptop (Windows 10 I guess) that works well with Affinity? I know I need as much RAM as possible. My current one (Lenovo Win 7) is struggling. It has 8gb RAM & was high spec when I bought it 6 years ago! Julie :-)
  13. I started using Photo So far my issues / comments are: 1) My Canon 77D is now meant to be included in this release yet RAW photos are not visible as thumbnails when I try to 'open' a folder. Am I missing something? This is the main reason I thought I'd try out the beta version. 2) The hand tool used to increase / decrease the image size when twirling the mouse dial, now it moves the image around. Is this a permanent change? 3) Cropping no longer has presets. Do I need to set these up & if so, how? Basic ones like 2:3 & 1:1 would be useful. I haven't done much yet so might add some more comments later. Thanks Julie.
  14. Yipppe, I just checked out the list of cameras for the much anticipated 1.7 upgrade & it's there! I don't think I'll bother with the Beta version as the REAL one should be soon. I have been exporting my photos using the generated ICC profile & I think I seem ok.
  15. Thanks V. Yes, will just have to wait patiently :-)