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Found 5 results

  1. As per title, I've found that when setting my own keyboard shortcuts the ( x ) button is covered by the scrollbar if I need to scroll to change/remove the conflicted shortcut. If I move out of the scrollbar area and wait a moment it goes away and I can click the ( x ) button but if I accidentally scroll (easy to do with the Mac's magic mouse) the scrollbar appears again. Below is a little screen capture I made of it in action - I think this could be solved by either moving the button to the left or putting some padding on the right side so it isn't covered by the scrollbar: Preferences.mov
  2. Please enhance the UI. Poor usability working with windowed images. Many professional users have large hi-res monitors and feel constrained to viewing just one image at a time in a tab. Working with images in free floating windows is much more productive for many people, but Affinity Photo's handling of windowed images is woeful. Sorry, but here's why. Opening or creating a new image put it in a tab - always. There is no option to permanently default to windowed documents Windows are always huge, even if the image is 200x200 pixels the window is as big as my 4K monitor! There are no options or shortcuts to automatically resize the window to fit the image. (There's an option in Photoshop to always resize the window to the image when double clicking on the magnify icon - very handy) The corners of Photo's windows are very difficult to grab in order to manually resize them. New or opened images are zoomed in to fill the screen. Why? The default should be 100%.Dragging a tab to become a window retains this unrequested and unnecessary level of zoom. Small scroll bars in each window that lets you scroll so far that it pushes the image out of view. I don't understand the purpose of that. The scroll bars never fill with width of the window. In all other apps, at 100% zoom the bars are 100% of the width/height of the window. Photo defies this age old logic. See attached screenshot. Alt+Tab is supposed to jump to the next application or display thumbs of all apps running. But when working with windowed images, Alt+Tab jump to the next image (very frustrating if you just want to jump between apps) and displays thumbs of all of the images currently opened. Photo needs an option to tell Windows 10 to treat all windows as part of the same application so there's only 1 Photo window ever shown when Alt+Tab or Windows+Tab is used. A status bar for each window to show the image's size in pixels (or other preferred unit) would be very handy. Minimising Photo and then maximising it causes all windows to be redrawn (slowly) and placed into a different depth order. The image I was last working on is no longer at the top of the windows. All of the above is hampering my productivity. After using Photoshop for 20 years I'm stuck in my ways, but a tabbed view is crazy if you need to work with many images at once and have sight of them constantly. It's not to everyone's taste, sure, but at least give users a choice and have the windowed choice working nicely without the usability issues I've described above. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone! When using snapping candidates, the highlights for those will be drawn over the scrolling bars. Is this intentional? This is happening in Affinity Designer 1.5.1 using OSX 11.6. I attached a screenshot for reference. Best wishes, Shu
  4. In the Export Persona of Affinity Designer the Artboard "label" covers the scrollbar. See attached screenshot.
  5. Hi, I'm not entirely sure if this is on purpose like this or a (harmless cosmetic) UI bug, but the grid is drawn on top of the scrollbar area (basically the scrollers are behind the actual content they control/ scroll). This just looks a bit strange and uncommon, IMHO. :) regards, tokai Affinity Designer: 1.4 (Mac App Store Version)
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