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Found 13 results

  1. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following extremely frustrating feature: One thing I do a lot is join multiple images together, so I'm frequently using the Resize Document or Resize Canvas options. Unlike Photoshop, where you can easily change the height of your 720 px high image to be 1440 so you can add the 2nd graphic, Affinity Photo *always* has the "constrain" lock set to on, so making any change to the Y axis is reflected it the X axis. I have to manually turn this off, which means I can't automate anything or work quickly. (I am a big fan of Keyboard Maestro, a tool for automating pretty much anything, an hacking things with UI scripting if there's no other option. I see a user who is similiarly obsessive as me has made a 'hack' to fix this frustrating feature of AP, here https://infinitediaries.net/fixing-affinity-photoss-resize-canvas-with-keyboard-maestro/ .) Please fix this frustrating aspect of AP! Either allow the "lock" to remember its last position (if unlocked, remain unlocked) or give us a preference to set the default we need.
  2. I take an jpg image and resize the canvas to 1600x850 px. Now I want to add a border of 50 pixels at the bottom of the image, so I resize the canvas to 1600x900 (open lock) with the anchor point at the top middle. Sometimes this works correct and I get a transparent part at the bottom, but most of the time the image is resized (deformed) by 50 pixels instead of enlarging the canvas. It works correctly on my iPad, but all the windows versions including beta seem to have this problem. Sometimes the program adds a border at the bottom but only half the size, so in my case 25 pixels. (see included picture) The behavior seems to be different for different pictures, one picture resizes correctly while an other doesn't, very weird. As far as I found out it works correctly if the image wasn't resized before, so if I open a picture and resize the canvas it works fine. But if I take the very same picture, resize it to 1600x850 and then try to add the border resizing the canvas to 1600x900 it fails.
  3. I have noticed what I think is a bug in the re-size canvas function, when trying to do more than one re-size operation. I was trying to add a border to one of my images, and was trying to achieve a white border around the entire image (for example 10 pixels), and then add a further black key line border outside of the white border (for example 2 pixels). So I take my original image, select re-size canvas, set the anchor point as central, unlock the retain aspect ratio padlock, and then add 20 pixels to each of the horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions - then press re-size. This all works as expected, and I can then flood fill the extended border area with white. Then to add the black key line I followed the same procedure, this time adding 4 pixels to the horizontal and vertical sizes. However, whilst this expands the canvas, it only adds transparent pixels on the right hand side and bottom of the canvas. Those on the top and left take on the colour of the existing image - so then it’s not possible to flood fill the new expanded canvas size. Examples of a simple case attached to demonstrate the effect. (Note if I save the image after the first re-size, close and then re-open the second resize works as expected.) PS it would also be useful if you could select the colour for new pixels added in the resize function itself.
  4. Feature request: A small one - some indication in the dialogue box as to which number refers to height and which one refers to width of the image.
  5. In document / canvas resize i'm missing Percents between units in a list. I'm happy that i can type it on keyboard and it recalculate itself, but what about newbies looking for calculator??? Cheers!
  6. I’m trying to record a macro that will resize the canvas from the center by adding a specified amount on each side. Started Recording: Used my shortcut for Resize Canvas Clicked on Center for the Anchor Clicked on the Lock to open it Clicked in the right side of the width box and entered +1.5 Clicked in the right side of the height box and entered +1.5 Clicked on Resize Stopped Recording: Saved to Library And when I click on it in the Library, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? What am I not understanding about the process?
  7. Hi, I would like to create a macro that resizes the canvas based on the actual image size. The canvas should be increased by 10pixels on each side, no matter what the image size is. How can this be done? Idea behind: create a macro, that makes borders/ frames around my images, but these images can have different dimensions/ orientations.. Thanks Mathias
  8. The title explains it all; I tried anchoring the canvas to the right, but AP adds the extra space on the right, not on the left; I tried anchoring on the left, and the results are the same...
  9. I am using Affinity Photo Windows Beta v1.5.0.39 and have run in to a problem with resize canvas, its only seems to resize 3 edges e.g. top,bottom and left, those edges get the correct canvas added but the right side gets no canvas added. Have I done something wrong on the canvas resize or is it just bug ?. Regards Chris
  10. I’m getting a problem in Beta 5 that had occurred and then was corrected in earlier versions. If I simply Resize a background layer, I will get one inch border (since that’s what I specified) of blank space on all 4 sides of the image. If I have cropped that image before trying to resize the background (or bottom layer) using the same one inch specs I will get unequal amounts of blank space on only 2 sides; either top and right or bottom and right. I have no idea why it varies. What is going on with Crop and why is it affecting Resize?
  11. Under Resize Canvas, if I Center the Anchor, Unlock the Width and Height fields, then click on Width and enter “+100” and hit Return then do the same for Height, what I get is 100 pixels added to both dimensions. However, if I do Not Unlock the Width and Height fields and only enter “+100” in the Width field and hit Return, what I get is 100 pixels added to the Width and approximately 2/3 of that added to the Height. I get the same results if I click on the Width field and manually add 100 pixels to the amount already there. What am I not understanding about this process?
  12. What am I doing wrong? Coming from Photoshop (where it is very different and so much easier) I thought I finally had Resize Canvas figured out. Got it to work as desired several times yesterday using the exact same steps below. Today, using those steps, I get equal amounts added to the vertical sides, nothing added to the horizontal edges. Document > Resize Canvas Click on lock to unlock Change pixels to Inches Click on Center of Anchor Click in 1st size box 29.88 in + 1 in Hit Return…now reads 30.88 Click in 2nd size box…36.47 + 1 in Hit Return…now reads 37.47 Click on Resize And I get the amount added only to the vertical edges. The only difference between today and yesterday is that I did do a crop on this image. Is that the problem today? And is there a simpler, better, easier (any of those) way to add equal amounts (specified in amount of inches) to each side of an image? I want to create a color-fillable mat around my background layer. I don't mind changing the way I do things…if I could just determine what I need to change them to. Help, please?
  13. Why is using Resize Canvas to add a simple 1 inch border around an image so freakingly difficult? In Photoshop: Cmd/Opt/C to Resize Canvas Select "Inches" (which will be remembered!) Click on "Relative" (which will be remembered!) Press Tab to highlight Width and enter amount Press Tab to highlight Height and enter amount Center the Anchor (which will be remembered!) And I can do that over and over again, adding successive individually-sized borders with different colors! In APhoto, if there is an equally easy method….or one that is even close….I have not found it in any of the hoops I've jumped through. The lock is in no way comparable to "Relative" because it will not add the same amounts to both sides. The only thing I've found that works dependably is to unclick the lock and add the same number of pixels to both W & H. That will work for one layer and filling that border with the desired color is no problem. But whether I add a new layer or use the same layer or duplicate the original background layer, adding the same amount of pixels to the unlocked Width and Height results in the top and left sides of the first resized layer being increased and the whole layer positioned to the upper left. The new background is added to the Bottom and Right sides. What am I doing wrong, if it's me? And if it's not, will the Resize function ever be improved to be as easy as Photoshop's?
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