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Found 9 results

  1. I am switching from Illustrator to Designer and so far have really not found anything I'll feel sorry about (in fact I'm loving AD) except one, small, maybe microscopic, but to me important detail: the way Designer closes strokes when I use my Wacom with pressure. For some reason, if I end strokes with heavier pressure, they will end in strange ‘crumpled’ ways. Which then needs to be addressed by playing around with the last node and with the pressure graph. Stroke and pressure fidelity are good in AD, but in my opinion this 'end' glitch does get in the way.
  2. Shown in this video is an anomaly that has happened quite frequently when I attempt to move the ends of Vector Paint brushes. Only thing to add is that they are my own created vector brushes. Moving them often leaves marks and the only way in which I have been abe to clear the marks is by selecting all affcetd nodes and clicking on the ""Convert to Smooth"" Paint Brush.mp4
  3. Strange artifacts appear on curves having stroke's width varying by pressure
  4. Hi, I tried the beta in the hopes that there were no longer any vector brush artefacts at line start/end when using Apple pencil but the issue is still there. This renders the app unusable for us when sketching with vectors, which is why our studio is looking to switch to it. Below are links to the where the issue has been mentioned in older versions that have more detail. Hopefully this can be resolved soon, would love to be able to use the app for this! https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/62744-vector-brushpencil-ending-with-stroke/
  5. When i use brush with presure sensitivity, the brush make a weird line and make chopy shape i dunno my device not compitable or what (my devices is ipad 6 2018) i need brush for making font, any one have the same issue's here? help me to solve this D18B7D97-D185-422C-8E05-374BC510AC19.MP4 A815AFBA-86AA-4735-A17B-FFC3527004A0.MP4
  6. Three problems with strokes. Here is a sample file. sample.afdesign Stroke to a curve with pressure. 1. Stroke is rendered with some kind of jitter. This happens very often to strokes with pressure. 2. If you apply Layer > Expand Stroke, round edges get sharp points. This happens even without pressure. 3. Again, Layer > Expand Stroke is very inaccurate. Blue: Original Red: Expanded stroke While an offset of a bezier curve cannot always be exactly converted to another bezier curve, Affinity Designer's accuracy is very poor compared to Adobe Illustrator's.
  7. Hi guys! what am I doing wrong here? iPad Pro 12,9 2017, Apple Pencil, affinity designer, using regular vector brush. 008FA858-5375-454F-ACE4-3E9019A2ED5E.MP4
  8. Hi, I'm new here and I unfortunately haven't found an answer to my question in this forum. For a recent project I tried to use pressure sensitivity in AD for ipad - choosing vector brushes first. I switched from a texturized brush (which I had troubles to export - black squares - image 1) to a more clean vector brush. This seemed to be fine at first, but when I zoomed in I realized it was flawed too (image 2). Same with the vector pencil, using pressure sensitivity (image 3). When I was using the vector pencil without pressure sensitivity for past projects, I never had PDF/EPS export problems. What am I doing wrong? (Btw: The final image will be printed on a large wall, so it's necessary to get all the details right.)
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