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Found 9 results

  1. I often have to use Affinity Designer on a 13" screen notebook and owing to the limited available real estate, like to keep some palettes/panels on the left hand bottom side (ADScreenShot1.jpg). Whenever I use the font selection menu, however, the font list goes 'under' this palette (ADScreenShot2.jpg) whereas in all other design apps I've used, it always goes over any such panel. IMHO this is a usability issue and would urge the developers to look into it. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi. Pages miniatures are too big and IMO are hard to manage. Just to mention that when displaying fonts in some situations the last ones in the list are not accessible.
  3. Hi, First and if this case has already been mentioned in another topic I apologise. If this is the case please point me in the right path If not here's the problem. I have my workspace bot in Affinity Photo and Designer arranged ir order to have more working area. I also prefer to have the panels/tools more to the left side since I'm left hand and I tend to rest my hand more on that side (using a Wacom tablet). So, and since both apps give me the possibility to arrange the workspace as I want, I decided to have most of the panels aligned and closed in the top of the working area (see the attached files). So far so good. The problem is that when I have to use or call a dropdown menu or a dialog window they appear beneath those panels (img 2 e 3) when they should be on top (img1). When this happens the options in those dialog are not visible. The strange thing is that there are panels appearing on top (few) and the most part appearing beneath. Is this a bug? Is there a way to correct or it's better to go back to a more tradicional arrangement having panels in the left and in the right? Thanks, Pedro
  4. Hi Folks, is there any option to use "floating menus" and to not having the problem that UI menus will appear behind the floating menus? Otherwise it does not makes sense to have floating menus. I don't wanna rearrange my menus all the time I hoped this issue would be fixed at least in 1.6 - but it's still there. Or I haven't found the correct settings yet?! This problem I have over a year now. Thanks, Stefan See also:
  5. Hi, is it technically possible to let the value-lists of the comboboxes of the tool bar hover over the floating windows, to be able to use the list? To choose between all values? This would allow to continuously work. No need to "Esc" the combobox, move the floating window away and start over. Cheers, Stefan. AD_Improvement_ToolComboBoxOnTop.mov
  6. I'm used to working in 'separated mode' (non-separated mode reminds me of Windoz) and quite often I'm working between 2 documents, which non-separated mode doesn't make easy. When I open/create a new document, the window usually ends up being behind the top toolbar, and I have to move things around so that I can see the document title bar. Most other applications that I use will not place the document title bar behind a tool window. Bill
  7. Can't see the drop down menu in Photo Beta (the bugs never end)....
  8. Hey guys, not sure wether it’s a bug or a (missing) feature, or I simply misunderstand the concept behind it … maybe all of it? :D I’m a shortcut-junky. Most of the time I work with the keyboard, to me it feels more convenient and quicker, navigating through the different panels, tools and options. But sometimes I get stuck in the most annoying situations, where I copy/paste a value like a HEX-code into the colour-panel, hit enter and then »b« to switch to my brush tool and paint on, working in Photo beta here. But instead of switching the tool the Photo starts to select the HEX-code again, sometimes replacing the code with what ever letter I punched on the keyboard. :mellow: I noticed this behavior in other situations, different panels, adjustment layers and other fields, but this one just was recent. I also noticed that some fields stay somewhat »selected« I guess, with an outline/slightly highlighted field, and as soon as you hit a key the value is changed. After clicking once with the current tool one can change to another tool via the assigned shortcut, after moving/selecting other layers unwillingly. Here’s a short demo what happens to me. https://youtu.be/HJVurXgcnWE Maybe you guys can look into it? I would really appreciate it! :) Cheers Dennis
  9. While the Assistant is a good idea, it's appeared twice to tell me that a new pixel layer had been created because I had no active layer selected. That's good info, what's kinda bad about it is It appears in the upper right corner of the document area right where I have the layers panel and it is behind the panel. By the time I get to moving the Panel the notice has vanished. I was only able to finally see it when I moved the layer panel out of it's way before doing any thing to trigger it. So is the placement of this notice a fixed thing? Can it be made so it's above all other panels? Since it's a timed thing, it seems to me that would be a good way to present it. Or do I have to adjust, again, the way I want to work to accommodate a notice that only shows up once in a while? (btw, the first accommodation was having the layer panel free-floating as the space was just too tiny in the area provided).
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