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  1. I found a way to insert Mac OS Emojis into Affinity Designer (to use as 'visuals' in layouts but not as parts of paragraph text): 1. From Mac OS Keyboard Preferences, select: 'Show Emoji & Symbols'. A new panel showing Emojis will appear over your existing app. 2. Open a new Text Edit document in Rich Text format, drag the required emojis in it from the Emojis panel. 3. Select your chosen Emojis in Text Edit and increase their font size to max (288 pixels), now you will see large emojis in the document. 4. Save the Text Edit document in PDF format. 5. Open the PDF file (all pages) in Affinity Designer. Strangely, in AD, each Emoji will have a page of its own and strange black bars in front (as if the Emoji is in the lockup!) 6. Ungroup each Emoji, delete the black bars and use the Emojis as you want. They will not be very high rez so be careful when using them in print design. Hope the above will help 😊
  2. Thank you, Dominik. Was not aware of this functionality, shall look into it.
  3. I often have to use Affinity Designer on a 13" screen notebook and owing to the limited available real estate, like to keep some palettes/panels on the left hand bottom side (ADScreenShot1.jpg). Whenever I use the font selection menu, however, the font list goes 'under' this palette (ADScreenShot2.jpg) whereas in all other design apps I've used, it always goes over any such panel. IMHO this is a usability issue and would urge the developers to look into it. Thank you very much.
  4. While creating web graphics and artworks for print, often the same file has to be exported multiple times (reviewed, tweaked and exported again). Freehand used to have the Export Again command wherein the previous export settings would automatically be applied and it really helped to speed up the layout finalisation process. Would love this feature in a future version of Affinity Designer. Thank you.
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