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Found 11 results

  1. In East Asia, vertical text is common. I am using Affinity Photo and Designer for a long time. I think they are excellent and almost a replacement for Adobe. But only this text vertical has been preventing me from moving to these software. Now I've been using GIMP to do the text vertical function. I hope that Affinity group can consider adding support for text vertical, if you can do it, compared to it will become a strong competitor to Adobe. Thank you for providing such an excellent software.
  2. I suggest that the next version can have the function of vertical text, as in PS, which is the basic function. It is often used in work. Office software also has such a function, which is sufficient to prove the importance of this function. Without this function, it is incomplete. thank you
  3. Hi 2 all @ Affinity *first post* Really liking Designer and amazed at the speed of development/customer interaction - all good stuff! Anyway... been looking at the type options; text-on-a-path is great, is there a way for vertical type? i.e. draw a vertical path down the page and have the text characters align on the path but one under the other and still be type. Horizontal paths can be rotated to vertical but the characters are (sensibly) still aligned to the baseline path. I bet I have just not seen the "rotate text" button! Sim2.
  4. Is there a way (directly or as a not-horribly-time-comsuming-warp-each-single-letter work around) to keep text on a curved path upright? Or is there a better tool than "text on a path"? What I want to do is create an undulating path and have text follow it, but I want all the letters to remain upright/vertical. A perfect example is the "Daughters of the American Revolution" in the image I've attached. I have both Designer and Photo, so I can use either/both to solve this problem. I've searched the forums and found a couple old posts that suggest a) there isn't or b) such a feature might be coming at some later date. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Darin
  5. Hello, I am trying to write vertical text in Affinity Photo. Is this possible? How do I do it? Thanks for your help!
  6. I have to convert vertical text to curves/paths/outlines for an eps file for the printer my client is using. Any ideas how to put vertical text on a curve with Affinity Designer? The mockup is attached. PS - LOVE Affinity.
  7. Please support vertical writing text (characters from top to bottom, lines right to left) which is common in the East Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Vertical text is the very important feature in the region and many people can't get away from Illustrator just because of it, even though we have been looking for Illustrator alternatives. Apple used to support the feature on AppleWorks, but no longer since Pages was released and does not seem to have any plan to support in the future. Once you implement vertical writing, you will gain significant share of the market for sure.
  8. I haven't been able to figure out how to do vertical text. I'd like to see a single click option that when hit it would do your text either vertically or horizontally, much like PS. Or if there is a way, please explain how. Thank you. Russ
  9. I haven't been able to figure out how to do vertical text. I'd like to see a single click option that when hit it would do your text either vertically or horizontally, much like PS. Or if there is a way, please explain how. Thank you. Russ
  10. Please add vertical text tool which has been around in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw since '90s. Its very important feature in some languages. At least I know many people in Japan have been waiting for a software that have vertical text tool other than Adobe/Corel.
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