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  1. Hallo (again), I had a document of A4 pages, set up as a 'facing pages' spread. Mostly good except when trying to print a pdf (created as spreads rather than individual pages) on a bog standard 'desktop' printer, the printer couldn't extract or print a page at 100% on A4. It wanted to print a complete spread on an A4 i.e. two pages, rotated to fit and equivalent to an each being an A5 page size. Hope that makes sense. The first and last pages would print fine as 100% on A4 paper. This might be normal behavior for trying to print A4 pages designed and pdf'd as spreads on a desktop printer, if so... carry on! (I haven't been able to check if, say, InDesign would behave the same way.) I tried with Preview and Reader from a mac and others tried Reader with the same result (OS unknown). Would be interesting to find out if this is a default thing with pdfs and desktop/office printers. Thanks.
  2. Hallo, I had an image (pdf) on a Master page which was applied to 'ordinary' pages. If I used the 'replace image' , the new image (also pdf) on the Master page didn't propagate across the ordinary pages where the Master was applied. If I 'placed' a new image on the Master page, either by itself or in an image frame, this did propagate across the ordinary pages ok. Graphic shapes worked ok as well. Not the end of the world by any means but a tad strange! Something about the replacing image on Master pages I guess.
  3. Yeah, that was what I was doing to see where the character was. However... *plot thickens* I went back to the actual document, popped a couple of new text frames with flowing text & the famed break frame character. Hurrah, on 'body' text I could delete ok, highlight then delete etc. Just the way I expected. Job done! If the text following the break frame character is a list item, I can only select then delete the character by; cursor before the character, uppershift and right arrow across the character – then it highlights & can be deleted. Place the cursor either side of the character and delete key (in either direction) has no effect. Odd. At least I have a way to delete them, if not the obviuos expected route! Thanks.
  4. Hallo, Using on El Cap/MacBook Added 'frame break' characters into text boxes with text flow running, worked like a treat... except when deciding one wasn't such a good idea I couldn't delete the break character. Could delete a text character prior to and post the break character itself but the break frame character remained elusive and could not be deleted. Work around(ed) with another text frame immediately after but not great. Am I doing something wrong to remove or delete a break frame text character? btw. liking being able to drop new text frames into an existing text flow - so easy!
  5. Hallo, I found this while doing a search to see if there is an answer to my issue – which is exactly as reported above. When using the Unsharp mask filter, any of the preview views don't show an accurate preview of when the filter is applied. I guess I must be using it wrong, but how I have no idea, as it seems to be a very visible non-working preview. Any thoughts or answers welcomed. Using Photo 1.5.1 on a macbook pro v10.11.6 Thanks.
  6. Hallo, In another thread regarding the isometric grid and returning to "normal" grid, Leigh (one of the moderators) suggested I post a new feature request: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11727-designer-beta-grid-not-return-to-normal/ So, here it is! Whilst the suggested routes to re-select the "normal" grid from say the Isometric grid do/will work, being able to select the noraml grid from the drop-down box that all other grids are selected from would be consistent operation and perhaps more obvious than the routes suggested in the linked thread. Still liking the grids though! Cheers.
  7. Found it! Yep, that's a winner - cheers guys. Should have found it myself but... hey ho having a spongehead moment :unsure: FYI it's very accurate. I have a reference set of studio "product" shots with untouched raw images shot with a colour swatch reference panel and the lighting measured with a colour temperature meter. I have copied the raw and used a seperate fresh copy in a few different raw options - yours gets within around 50Kelvin of the meter reading, which for me is *ta! da!* one click - job done.
  8. Hi there, not sure if you agree with me or not, perhaps I may have been clearer if I had referred to how others process with the XMP file but don't want to presume that this is how Affinity might do something. An example of my thoughts are that if I open a canon raw file with DPP (not a great programme I know but...) and make some adjustments I can export or "develop" the file as a tiff etc and/or close the raw file. The same file can be opened by Photo ignoring the DPP adjustments and looking exactly the same as an initial copy of the raw file i.e. only Photo standard adjutments made. If I reopen the raw file in DPP again, the adjustments that I initially made to the file are reapplied and can be re-edited or returned to defaults, in any order. This is what would be great in Photo - the addition of an XMP sidecar, or whatever Affinity choose to use, to enable a raw to be re-opened with last adjustments visible, editable and able to export/develop as another afp file. It may be on the roadmap, it may not but would be very very useful to have!
  9. Would there be any value to you guys of having a new forum section for purely "positives"? Perhaps strictly restricted to positive feedback either of "found this tool - it's brilliant because..." or "so much easier than...", "able to do... now". The current forums are a great function however for someone who doesn't have a programme or a trial version they can, at times, appear to be a bit "this doesn't work" "where's the ... tool?" "we sooo need..." and can perhaps miss what is good with the current versions. The posted samples, whilst they may be good, for the most part cannot be seen without a programme or without downloading a file. A Positives forum could be an embarrasing "love-fest" for Affinity but probably only because we can see the potential of the product and are mostly all willing you on to be the best at what we individually want/need! Wouldn't hurt the search engines either ;) Just a thought.
  10. In Photo when using the Overlay Brush on a raw image, is it possible to edit/alter the area that a brush has painted once one has finished an application? For instance, apply a brush overlay and adjustment, do something else e.g. gradient overlay, decide the brush overlay is too large and go back into the brush overlay and reduce the extent or area of the brush application? Hope this description makes sense. The gradient overlay can be re-edited after initial application, which is great.
  11. It seems that after applying changes to a raw image and then developing it when I return to the raw image it is in its initial unaltered state. I feel it could be useful to be able to return to or auto re-apply the final alterations set on the raw file prior to "develop". a/ one could see what was done to achieve a particular outcome; b/ alter one of the settings without needing to reapply all of the settings; c/ if further edits or redevelops are wanted, for whatever reason, one won't be able to remember all of the settings to achieve the initial developed image, increasingly so over time; d/ I imagine that the "remembered" settings could be returned to default in the smae way as in a new edit of a file; I don't know how this could be done, a new (copy) raw file with the develop settings embedded or the original file "carrying" the settings that Photo applies when opening as raw and how this might be affected if this initial raw was opened in another raw processsor. questions, questions, questions. Guess this is why I'm not a programmer!
  12. Delving into the raw processor on Photo ang liking what I am getting though I do have some queries... Is there a "picker" (like an eyedropper tool) to sample an area for the white balance, rather than setting white balance purely by the Kelvin sliding scale? I ask because the initial shot, of a product shoot for instance, may include a colour checker in the frame which can be used as a reference for the white balance/colour i.e. sampling a grey/white or black swatch on the checker for the correct initial white balance. This would be useful in Photo as it stands for an initial preset could be created to apply on other shots from that shoot and, I think, essential for future batch processing of a shoot. Anybody agree/disagree?
  13. Hi there, I know you're busy however any considerations on this?
  14. One has to think that linking images option will be in the initial Designer issue and rolled to the other progammes at the same time, any chance of this functionality in a Designer beta before the first Publisher beta? Purely for test purposes you understand... :rolleyes:
  15. Thanks for the earlier advice re exporting Designer to jpeg at a different size than created. However... can we have a drop-down to choose resolution of the jpeg? This exists in the File>Export>PDF but not File>Export>JPEG. Would be very useful as, at the moment & unless I am missing something, I am having to do maths to get the correct pixel mulitiplication to get the required file size. Oh, and mathematical functions do not operate in the pixel size box e.g. unable to do 200*4 px. A small thing but so so useful!
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