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  1. Please look at the screenshots. It might be difficult to distinguish for non Japanese or Chinese native people, but they are definitely different glyphs. it is still readable, however, because CJK characters are 'unified' in Unicode. I also found that the 'Open...' dialog has the same issue as this.
  2. I'm using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with Japanese as the primary language, but have chosen English UI for Affinity Designer (i.e. Preferences->General->Language is English). Under this environment, when I save an .afdesign file with a name which includes Japanese characters, File->Open Recent menu shows the filename using Chinese font by some reason. I believe the main menu font should respect the system locale.
  3. Please support vertical writing text (characters from top to bottom, lines right to left) which is common in the East Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Vertical text is the very important feature in the region and many people can't get away from Illustrator just because of it, even though we have been looking for Illustrator alternatives. Apple used to support the feature on AppleWorks, but no longer since Pages was released and does not seem to have any plan to support in the future. Once you implement vertical writing, you will gain significant share of the market for sure.
  4. Thank you. I have sent you one of the font. Please try with it.
  5. I could not find any free font which can reproduce the problem on the web. I have some fonts, but they are commercial product that I can't upload here. Is there any way I can send mine personally to you?
  6. Yes I know the behavior of the app. It works as you said if the font is OpenType, but shows nothing if it is TrueType font. I guess the problem might be caused by the 'cmap' of the TrueType font, but not sure. FYI: Japanese text is displayed normally if I choose Osaka (the TrueType font made by Apple). Other TrueType fonts do not work in Affinity Designer (yet I can use those fonts in other applications without any problem).
  7. Please support CJK TrueType font for the Text Tool. Currently, when I type some east Asian text and choose a TrueType CJK font, nothing is displayed. The functionality and usability of Affinity Designer is so much better than other softwares including Adobe's. If CJK fonts are fully supported, the app will no doubt gain great market share in the region.
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