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Found 11 results

  1. Found in the archive: Old drawing "Ludwig van Beethoven - Unrest in Music" (approx. 1992), watercolor & sepia ink. https://www.bodobe.de/ludwig/
  2. In today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial will show you how to create a cinematic color grading for any portrait, in just 4 easy steps! Outdoor wedding photos can be a hot or miss depending on the season, light, weather and location. There are so many factors that can make or break a photoshoot. But as you already know you have to work with what you have since 99% of the time you cannot reschedule the photo session. So what can you do when the location or other factors are not optimal for you to be able to deliver amazing photos? Affinity Photo comes to save the day ( ok my self as well 😛 ) In today’s free Affinity Photo tutorial I am going to show you a series of techniques that you can use in order to retouch and transform your wedding ( or even portrait ) photos into cinematic masterpieces Got any questions? Let me know. I would be more than happy to help
  3. Hello! Is there anywhere I can download more tone map presets? Thank you so much!
  4. A portrait as a handmade vector drawing is always associated with a lot of effort, but it's worth it. The drawings always have their own charm and offer what a photograph can't offer. And of course, the vector drawings can be enlarged without loss of quality http://b-bertuleit.de/vektorzeichnungen/
  5. I love the vector style :) Here are some vector portraits that I have created with Affinity Designer. Below the picture there is a link to my website, where you can view the works in a larger format. http://b-bertuleit.de/vektorzeichnungen/
  6. Hello everyone! I would like to show you some portraits I did some time ago in Affinity Designer. It was fun! Let me know what do you think. You can see full project on my Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/49551783/Random-portraits-01-09
  7. Hi again, I took about 500 photos over the weekend of a private family function and I wished to know how to edit the photos so that I can achieve the effect as shown in the screenshot below: Is there a fast or easy way to do it without much fuss? And in a way that I can duplicate the effect either using presets in develop persona or using batch processing in photo persona Thank you
  8. I'm testing AP on the free trial period at the moment, and have no experience with Photoshop. Could you tell me: 1. How do I use the adjustment layers to modify only selected parts of an image? 2. How do I use Affinity to isolate a portrait on a black background? I use Nik plugins extensively, and have used ON1 software solely for isolating portraits - but I feel that with Affinity I have a lot to learn, and I would like to get to grips with these basics during the trial period. Thanks in advance for any help. Please do keep it practical + simple!
  9. I use the eyedropper tool and sliders all the time to isolate and take red out of skin. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? This would seriously be a deal breaker for me.I use the saturation and lightness sliders as well. I change the channel to red, use the eye dropper tool and click on the red I want to remove in the skin, I move the Hue slider to the left so I can see what area of the skin I am effecting, take the sliders below and push the right and middle sliders together until it isolates just the red in the skin, but doesn't effect the other area. I can then slide the hue towards yellow. Brush of the lips and I have the most perfect base of skin.
  10. Hi everyone :) I am a relatively new photographer who has been at it for the past 3 months now and I am enjoying my new venture. I purchased the Affinity software as I would now like to try retouching photos. I found that I enjoy portraiture very much and I would like to learn how to retouch portraits. However, I've searched high and low to look for basic tutorials in retouching portraiture and I could only mostly find pointers on how to do so in Photoshop. May I ask if anyone could give any pointers in diving into the use of Affinity for this? (So far I know how to do the basic adjustments and how to use the blemish brush lol) Thanks much! :)
  11. So I joined an app on my phone called sktchy where people submit photos to provide inspiration to others, and members also draw from photos submitted to the app. Here are some portraits I have drawn of people there in the last week with Affinity Designer. It's a neat idea! There's obviously a wide range of talent there, but that is part of the fun.
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