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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Affinity, Today I needed a "free transform" tool in Designer 2. When selecting nodes in Node Tool and activating transform, I would like to transform freely in perspective, not just scale, skew and rotate. Very useful with any Move/Transform tool.
  2. 2 main concerns here: 1. I cannot copy-paste selected notes - when I select a few nodes from a “curve”/shape to copy a specific section from that curve, it copies the entire “curve”/shape. 2. I cannot move the ruler lines using the node tool only the move tool.
  3. Good morning or afternoon, I have purchased Affinity 2 of all three products. Lately I have been having issues with node selection. I tried restarting Affinity but it didn't work, and then I restarted the computer and then shut it down and started up again. None of the solutions worked. I am not sure what is causing it. I have provided a video of the issue. Thank you very much and I love your product but just needs a little improvements and then it is perfect. Screen Recording 2022-11-30 at 18.36.59.mov
  4. Hi, I have a quick question. I wonder if there's mirroring nodes in affinity designer 2. For example, if there's a square and each nodes have Name A, B, C, and D like this: A B C D I want to move A to the left so that the B corner moves to the right for the same amount of pixel. And also when I adjust the line AC I want the line BD to be adjusted the same too. Any help? Thank you :)
  5. Often times, I find myself wanting to join curves when I have the move tool active. I select a the curves I want to join and, when it didn't join them, I come to realise I need to switch to the node tool, hit the hotkey and switch back to the move tool. The workflow would be a lot cleaner if you could also join curves from within the move tool.
  6. Create a shape such as a rectangle Convert it to curves Turn it into a symbol Select the shape inside the symbol in the layers panel Select the node tool, with [A] Click on an edge to insert a point in the shape. It will fail to do so, selecting one of the existing points instead. Undo. Depending on which edge you inserted the point into, it will either remove one of the original points, and create a desync from the symbol (the dashed orange line in the layers) even with sync enabled, or crash the program (probably by trying to remove an out of bounds point index, because it thought a point was added but it wasn't).
  7. I’ve searched around for this. If anyone can point me to where it is, I’d be grateful. I found a topic discussing node manipulation releases for version 1.7, but couldn’t view the video linked to. Is this possible in Designer (iPad)? Hopefully the illustration shows what I’m hoping to do. ( I want to rotate the selected nodes around a distant manually placed anchor. ) >>> All suggestions welcome and appreciated. Is there an "Affinity way" I’m missing, because I’m in Illustrator mode? - - - - - - - - - I’m pondering alternative ways of creating a rotation centre / anchor. Like adding another temporary shape. I suspect I’ll end up re-constructing it... and yes, I’m expecting to have to tweak the curves, though I’m hoping they’ll not be far out.
  8. I'm relatively new to Affinity, but I'm using Designer a lot and my work involves much drawing of curves and adjusting them with the Node Tool. There are various aspects of the Node Tool which seem to me counter-intuitive, and I'm preparing some questions/suggestions to send our for comments. One advance question, though: if I use the Node Tool to control-drag a node on a curve, it moves the node but its handles remain in place. Does anyone find this useful? I can dream up circumstances where it could be used, but I do wonder whether anyone uses it regularly. Thanks in advance. Martin S Taylor
  9. I have a problem with selecting vector objects in Designer via the Move or Node tool. That is, if I find it difficult to select by clicking on an object. Sometimes it works, others it just doesn't and others yet the selection happens with the tool slightly offset to the object (i.e. by pointing the tool a little away from the object, which can be quite confusing when there are lots of shapes). More often than I'd like, I have to scroll to the layer in the Layer Panel just to go to a desired object. I use a Macbook Pro (still on Mojave) and a Wacom Inutos Pro (no mouse, but the problem stays even if I try to use the Macbook's trackpad).
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