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Found 15 results

  1. This feature was requested for at least 2 years and was never added in v1, still missing. Does v2 have it?
  2. I am working on three different multi-layered images in Affinity Photo 1.9.3 and using the Freehand Selection Tool without any issues until, suddenly and only with one of the three images, the FST will only make selections like it is in Polygonal mode. Regardless of what I do with the settings, it will not make any selections in Freehand mode. This does not happen with the other images I am working on, just this one particular image. I have tried closing/re-opening the file, copy/pasting all the layers into a new document, restarting AP and rebooting the Mac – all without any success. The FST still does not work in freehand mode in that one particular file only. Am I missing something really obvious?
  3. Has anyone else had issues with their marquee tool not working? My rectangle marquee snaps into place with rounded edges and the elliptical marquee doesn't work at all. I am using a Mac (Big Sur), as well as a wireless Wacom tablet and version 1.8.6 of Affinity Photo. This is my first time posting on a forum and I'm a novice when it comes to photo editing so I've attached a video to demonstrate the issues I am having. In the video, I used the track pad to try rule out my issue being with the Wacom tablet. Thanks in advance :) Video_Jan_26,_16_50_40.mov
  4. I usually use paint.net for editing and am used to be able to refine a selection by dragging handles on the selection edge. I can't find a way to do this in AP. The only thing I see is the option to use the column selection, which is rather cumbersome. Is there something I overlooked or is that way of selecting not possible? Thanks!
  5. I can't seem to get the marquee tool to snap to a grid. I have enabled snapping and checked snap to grid in the snapping mgr. I can snap to a guide but not to a grid. Help please - this is a big issue for me.
  6. Hi, I am a new Affinity Photo user. I wanted to know if there is a way to switch the Free Hand Selection Tool (Marquee Tool) on the fly. Meaning, I currently have it set to Magnetic but want to switch it to Polygon while I am still selecting inside my canvas.
  7. Hello All, When painting within a marquee selection, some faint paint artifacts are being displayed outside the marching ants. Is there a solution to prevent this? why is the painting area not being constraint to the marquee area? Version 1.7.1 Thanks, Miguel Painting_outside_marquee.mov
  8. Hi, I don't know why but the marquee has always have display issues, at least in the Windows version of Affinity Photo/Designer. It got a bit worst in version 1.7 (latest one). The marquee is not rendered at all if - Select a layer and change its opacity below 50%. - Ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail to marquee select it. Result: Marquee is not visible. But the layer is marquee selected though. Click on other layer and Ctrl+J, it will copy the 'invisible' selection. Hope repro steps make sense. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Would it be possible to add support for Shift key to add a selection for the Marquee tool? We have the Add Mode button over the tool bar but sometimes is much faster to hold Shift and continuing selecting than jumping to the tool bar. And we have the hold right mouse button while adding but that workflow is not ergonomically at all it prompt to mistakes. Moreover, for people with carpal tunnel syndrome (like me) forcing one finger down while trying to click with another finger is a big big no. Cheers, Juan
  10. Hey there, I was wondering how i can do such things with the marquee tool in affinity photo
  11. Copy bug using Marquee Tool and Quick Mask Starting with a file consisting of 2 layers (whereby the top layer is of another photo then the bottom layer), I want to select a part of the top layer using the Marquee Tool and paste it to a third layer. To achieve this, I do the following… I activate the Marquee Tool, make a selection and subsequently use the Quick Mask tool and Move Tool to refine the selection. As you can see I moved the selection and changed its size. By activating the Marquee Tool again and deselecting the Quick Mask, I have now my refined selection which I can copy and paste. Doing that results in a totally wrong copied area. In the example I have included, I have the second layer de-activated, so that you can see the selected area (marquee) and the result of copy-paste.
  12. When I copy an area using the Marquee Tool and subsequently paste, then the pasted copy lands up in the upper left corner. See attached photo.
  13. Hi, I have noticed that the transform tool box is not always "active" when I try to change the size of a rectangular selection. When I switch the layers a few times, the input boxes suddendly become active... Tested on Version 1.5.044 (RC) Have a great day and many thanks for that great piece of software! I can't wait to switch from Adobe ;) Cheers, Mike
  14. I need Affinity to allow for the marquee tool selection be dragged over to another file. This is a feature in Photoshop. Can Affinity do this?
  15. I'm trying to use the marquee tool to delete sections of an image, but when the marquee is placed over the image, and the proper layer is selected, I hit delete, and the entire image disappears, instead of the selection.
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