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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering if there is a way for me to share the AD assets that I've added to the app on my laptop so they also appear in the app on my desktop. I've added a load to the assets panel on my laptop, but when I opened the app on my desktop this morning, none of them were there. Guess it's because it's app based and not cloud based. Is that right? Is there a way of saving them and uploading from one to the other? Cheers, Cathie
  2. Hi, I'm a new user of Designer. What Windows10 laptops sold in the US would any and all of you reccomend I get? Thank you. LucyP
  3. Hello I understand Affinity Photo can benefit from the usage of a GPU, I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M since it's a laptop. My question is, to ascertain that software does is working with the GPU, should I select the GPU selection in the Affinity Photo Preference Menu in the Performance Tab?, should I assign it directly in the Nvidia control panel? or should I do both things? Thank you
  4. I have just used the trial of Affinity Photo and am now considering purchasing. I have a PC and Laptop and wondered if I have to purchase 2 downloads or will 1 download allow me to use on both computers?
  5. Hi guys. I'm using at the moment Photoshop 5 and testing Affinity 1.6 for Windows. Looks very good and seriously an alternative to Photoshop, because I hate the subscription model of Adobe. However, my question is more the following. Is it possible to use Affinity either on my laptop or on my desktop when I buy one licence? Meaning, can I install it on both instance and use it either/or? I’m using Windows 10 64bit with an Acer Power Desctop 16MB RAM and a Asus Power Desctop 16MB RAM. Thanks for a quick info
  6. The problem started when about a week ago, I downloaded the latest drivers for the GPU, I downloaded the beta ones what happened next that the laptop started to freeze, after a bit of tinkering it started to work again. Then next day I switched the laptop on and then right after the startup the login screen flashed and then there was the Black Screen.my friend has told me that it was the graphic driver problem.i have also searched on the internet and I have found some of the graphic driver websites.can you tell can I trust that websites or not.http://driverbasket.com/https://go4download.com/
  7. My context tool bar and the associated bar below it do not show on my 2016 Mac laptop. I was told to go back to the default and try again, but it still does not show after many tries. I am miirroring this laptop screen on a 30" Mac screen, and the context tool bar and the bar below it still do not show. In Studio/View the context tool bar is checked, and if unchecked and check it again, nothing changes. Is this a problem with AD getting everything on a laptop screen and therefore neither does my 30" screen mirroring my laptop does not show it? All of the other menus (layer, swathes, etc.) come up fine.
  8. I've been using my surface device to edit photos and I've come to the conclusion that it is nowhere near enough powerful for photo editing. My workflow is mainly using develop persona - changing exposure, white balance, lens correction, tone curves, detail refinement etc. I have a lot of photos still pending, almost 2000 actually I'm thinking of getting a new laptop. But I don't know which would be good enough for affinity photo I was thinking of a laptop with these minimum specs Screen: 17 inch, 1080p RAM: 12GB Processor: i7, 7th generation Hard drive: 1TB 7200rpm OS: Windows 10 The thing I don't know is what graphics card to include so that it can run smoothly without any issues. Should it be NVIDIA 940 or 965 or higher? And what size? 2GB or 4GB? When I'm editing RAW files on my surface, it takes me at least 6 minutes per photo. If I try editing on my 5 year old laptop, it does it in 2 minutes but after 20-25 photos, affinity slows down and crashes So I need something that is significantly better than what my 2 devices above can do Any suggestions? Specifically from anyone who has a workflow similar to mine Thank you
  9. Hi I am very keen on getting started with some graphic design based projects. Currently on a chrome book so that won't work. I am wondering if the affinity programs will work on a standard laptop such as the below : http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-5000-15-6-laptop-white-10157730-pdt.html Thanks
  10. Hi I was trying to install Affinity to D:/ ( a 256GB microSD) on my little go-to laptop running x64 Windows 10 Home Edition. Either by design or bug Affinity doesn't give the option to browse outside of C:/ When I wrote in D:/ to make it go to the correct folder I then got the following error: Not sure if there's a reason for this or it's just a bug but it's a bit of a pain to be locked out of other drives or partitions, please let me know if this is fixed in future.
  11. I've looked everywhere to find if I can use my same Affinity Designer program on my MacPro (where it is now) *and* on my laptop or should I buy another copy. The price being what it is, I'm ready to buy another copy if necessary but thought I'd at least ask. For almost three decades I've been through the mill with Freehand and Illustrator, and now AD is a huge relief—easy to use, versatile, great forum that actually offers tremendous help and very open to new features, even in this early period of development. Hats off!
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