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Found 20 results

  1. I have a project in which I need a star shape with several points—easy. But I also need the points of the star to “wave” like sun rays. I know I can convert to curves and individually add nodes to each of the points, and then “bend” the lines to create the wavy rays. I want to know if there’s a way to create those rays universally—in other words, editing one star point edits every star point. Is this possible?
  2. Hi. Every time I wanna ad some effect at adjustments layers on affinity photo it crashed and quit on me when I scroll down. I’m with the lastest version on iPad Pro 11. Any solutions for this issue? 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 2C8A3079-2FA4-4D4B-BC53-A465B48ED410.MP4 8C799839-6075-4DF5-8356-4975E68FE96A.MP4
  3. Hi, One of my latest illustration, a self-portrait. Any feedback will be appreciated :). Regards.
  4. i have a feeling that i accidentally deleted a pre-installed brush under pencils and charcoal brushes of affinity designer for ipad pro. I counted all the brushes of pencils and charcoal and there were 20 pre-installed brushes there. Did i just deleted a brush? Please let me know how to restore it. Thanks.
  5. I have Affinity Design and Affinity Photo in Win10. For portability, I want to buy AD and AP for a new Ipad, that I need to choose and buy soon. My main use of the Ipad will be to use the Affinity software. I need to choose between the new Ipad Pro 11 inch or 12.9 inch (with the new pen). But I noticed that in your compatibility list the new 11 inch Ipad is missing. 11 inch will be a bad choice? The 12.9 inch will be better to use AD and AP?
  6. Hi guys, I'm Game Artist, then I did this piece especially for the Helloween, I really hope to help some of you with my techniques showed there. Take a look at this video as an example of my contents, for while my videos aren't very didactic, but I Hope to build a master class for designers and artist so keep watching please if you liked, subscribed to support more of this :D, thanks so much and have fun!
  7. Hi guys, I'm very happy to share with you my youtube channel using Affinity Designer for Ipad as Game Artist, I really hope to help some of you with my techniques showed there. Take a look at this video as an example of my contents. I want to bring the community of game artist to join us in this tool, please if you liked, subscribed to see more :D, thanks so much and have fun!
  8. While in pixel persona, I suddenly lost the ability to control the pressure sensitivity on my brushes. Things were fine one minute, but then stopped randomly. I tried closing and reopening- but no changes.
  9. Hi! Im a little new to this so be gentle anyways..i have a file. 6335x2400mm and everytime i try to add a new layer-raster one. Then the app crashes. Also when i try to save it as pdf it crashes. Jpeg was okay. Also png..it just buffers and never ends so i cant save it.. Other files have been fine so far but the app does crash a lot.. is the problem that my file is too big or what? Because its not that big. I really do need to save this file and get it printed and its very frustrating cause nothing works.. please YELP!! all the best R Untitled_2.afdesign
  10. Hello I am new here. I am looking to get a USB thumb drive that I can backup/work with my iPadPro 12". Any recommendation? I am looking at Sandisk, Leef and Kingston Bolt or any brand that works with Affinity Photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hi there,, I bought an iPad Pro for photo editing while on the road. I take RAW photos, and am very pleased that Affinity Photo can import and develop RAW photos. However, there are quite a few very basic shortcomings that outright annoy me when using Affinity Photo for a longer period of time: I do not quite understand the "persona" concept. I've been using GIMP before, and am used to having access to all commands at any time (when possible). Whenever I need to switch "personas", an annoying overlay pops up the right. Even when I have closed the navigator, history or whatever overlay before, it pops up again and obstructs the view on my picture. Which leads us to: Please save the last tool settings for later use! Whenever I switch to a new tool, I get the default settings - not the ones that I've previously selected! That is very annoying when you have to edit 50 or more photos in a row. Which leads us to: The same goes for photo export: please save the last settings! When I export a RAW picture, I would like a RGB8 PNG with no metadata embedded. This always requires lots of setting changes for each export! Also, please make it much easier to simply save a picture to the camera roll. It is not intuitive to tap "Share", and then abort the export process. Most annoying for my workflow is the crop/rotate tool - apart from the default settings coming up each every time. I can straighten the photo's horizon alright, but the problem is that only a LAYER is rotated, and not the entire photo. This makes for annoying transparent triangles on the sides, which I in turn have to crop manually (all the time having to select "Original aspect ratio" instead of "Unconstrained"). Please make a rotate/straighten option like in instagram, where the picture is automatically cropped after rotate so no transparency remains. Thank you.
  12. Why does the app crash when using the refine tool? I'm editing photos using refinement and I've crashed multiple times, using the iPad pro.
  13. HEY Hows everyone doing on here..... I wanted to share some of my work but figured since its my first post I'd share a little about myself as well. Im new to the whole Affinity program but Ive been a Hi-End retoucher for over the past 9 years. Currently Im a retouching manager in New York specializing in beauty and Product retouching. At work we're using the Top of the Line MAC's fully spec'd out with the "industry standard" photoshop ....... BUT I've been looking for something equally as capable as photoshop but mobile! AND HERE's where AFFINITY comes in... This thing is amazing! Every time I use it I find myself going back to work the next day with another "Guess what else affinity Does" story. lol. Im shocked It can handle the files it does and I'm sure its only going to get better from here. Ive been quietly looking around on this forum and all ready see SO many talented people. So I hope to bring some of my perspective from someone who uses photoshop all day at work. But then AFFINIY for my personal on the go projects. Some info on the file - Theres over 60 layers of just umbrellas and shadows! (ZERO Slow down in app). The file closed is about 400mb but opened its 1.18gb. This was shot with my Dji Mavic Pro. Completely edited start to finish in AFFINITY Photo for Ipad Pro
  14. The Fujifilm X100F is among Apple’s supported cameras and the they show up fine Photos app. But when I open them in Affinity, I do not get any error messages. I attached a screenshot with some notes. Any ideas? I am using an iPad Pro 10.5 running iOS 11.2.1, Affinity version Like the app a lot so far. Would be amazing if I could get the RAW files to work.
  15. Hello, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful software you guys have created. I’m glad to inform you that I have successfully and delightfully moved my entire workflow from Photoshop on the Mac to AP on the Ipad pro. The one feature I miss though is being able to use the Topaz Detail plugin for skin smoothening. I’ve tried various workarounds for smoothening, but nothing quite gives me the same result. Is there a way I can install the plugin on the IPad version of AP cheers Zaheer
  16. Hi, I just bought ipad pro 10.5 today and just downloaded this incredible apps. I try to play with it all day to make me used to it. Even though I struggle a lot because I'm a newby but I found it is fun and amazing of how much this app can do. I still have many things to learn from this. However, I have a question. How to draw a perfect square shape? And how to scale it without any distortion? Normally in photoshop I just press shift and that's it. So simple. It appears in both shape, object, and picture. It might sounds silly but I have no idea how to deal with this. It made me feel frustrate and bothers me for 2 hrs now. I can't find any forum about this (Or maybe I search the wrong keyword). Please help. Thank you
  17. Hi, I just want to ask if there someone of you has a video or pdf tutorial of frequency separation work flow using Affinity Photo in Ipad Pro? I just recently downloaded Affinity in my Ipad Pro and I would like to try the new way of photo retouching using my iPad. Before I do my photo editing using Photoshop, Lightroom, and Nix but now I would like to try something more portable and easiest way to edit photos. Thanks a lot to those who can help. Best regards, Judy
  18. I am using a 2017 12.9" iPad Pro with Affinity and when in the develop module working with a Nikon RAW file for no reason the image seems to darken to the point where it looks black. The image is still there, but it is as if something was done or something which I am not aware of and don't think I did. The layer opacity seems to be at 100% and nothing seems to be abnormal, but yet can't trigger it to go back to the way it was once I initially added to Affinity. I have to delete the file and import again hoping it doesn't happen again. This happens more than not and really sucks. I am an expert level Photoshop user and have been using for past 15 years and although Affinity is really nice...lots of improvement and intuitiveness have to still be integrated into the app in my opinion at least. I also have issues with the history palette or whatever you call it here not showing every move I make and not working again intuitively like one would think. I have many photo apps and most have undo commands which do just that...undo every single thing you do in the app and don't see that here with the Affinity app. Anyway....if someone can shed some light it would help. I want to love Affinity but find it very frustrating to work in many times. Aloha
  19. When working with RAW files in Affinity on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" in the develop module for some annoying reason the image goes dark...I mean to where it looks black but I know image is still there. I have zero clue why or what is causing this. Super frustrating please help. Aloha
  20. Hi, I'm loving the program so far - I find it a lot nicer to use then Adobe. Just a few questions - 1. Are you guys able to give us a rough date on when you see the ipad version of affinity designer + photo will be released (im very keen) 2. I have purchased both Affinity Designer and Photo on my mac, I no longer own a mac or pc and work exclusively from an ipad pro. Will I have to re-purchase these apps or will the licensing cross over for the ipad? Thanks!