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Found 8 results

  1. So, is there an option to align dashed strokes with corners? I have a box that I want to have transparent with dashed lines, but the dashes do not align with corners and i cannot find an option to turn this on.
  2. Is there a way to include a filter that can generate lens flare/sun flare in iPad version? It would be very nice if yes, because when we want to use some we have to do them manually with images overlays and/or brushes and besides taking a lot of time to do them manually, they doesn't fit very well with the photography...
  3. There is a bug in the navigation of the "preferences" UI. The arrows "left" and "right" are not working properly. The "right" one is not working and the "left" one is taking you back to the main selection.
  4. I'm not sure if this question has been asked before but I think the answer will be interesting. Basically what I'm asking is: What functionality does Designer have that Publisher will not have? Or, to put it another way: Once I have Publisher, what will I need Designer for? There has been a lot of discussion about what functionality Publisher should have but I've not read anything about what Publisher will not - or should not - have. I only ask as Designer already does most of what a DTP application should do except for things like text flow, linked frames, and some other stuff, so I'm wondering how Designer and Publisher will be different from each other. For instance, will Publisher have the Pixel persona and pixel tools that Designer has, or will those be dropped? Or will Publisher have fewer effects or adjustments? Or will Publisher have fewer export options? Etc. Etc. If, to put it simply, "Publisher = Designer + Other Tools" then there would be no need for Designer, so I think it's a reasonable assumption to make that something will be "missing" and I was just wondering what that will be. Does anyone have any actual details? (I realise that Publisher isn't in Beta yet but I would guess that someone must have a reasonable idea about what it will/won't do so near to a release date.)
  5. there is very usefl function Affinity Photo is missing, and is present in photoshop. When using a tool in clone mode, painting, erasing etc you have to use the bar over the drawing to change the brush/tool size. instead may be very fast and useful to choose the brush dimension with right-click, avoiding to move from the drawing part you're editing. Can it be possible?
  6. A step and repeat option similar to Illustrators Cmd+D is something I rely on greatly and I 'm really lacking in Affinity Designer.
  7. Reading, as I do, the forums quite regularly one or two problem areas keep cropping up. In Paint Tool Cropping Finding Stuff in General Functionality (how/why does this work) and Language. Language I readily understand cannot by default be addressed without an "Auto translation" feature of some sorts. Not likely unless we all get Babel fishes in everyone's ears (humour). Functionality comes as part of language in that what Serif call raster buster I call a frizzle grouper (more humour). Finding stuff is a bit easier to understand. How can I do what I want if I cannot find out how to? The Serif method is quite different to any I have used before and like a babe in arms, I do need to be spoon fed a lot of the time if I am to progress. The problem seems to be that the Serif methods are not to the newcomer methods that appear as obvious ones. Accepting the first two problems of Language and Functionality perhaps finding stuff is the first thing that needs a bit of a tweak. I would like to suggest the hovering over solution is the answer but with more context than is used at present; almost like the pressure sensitive key only for the sake of argument, the longer I hover the more information is displayed in the info. bubble. Cropping was my first stumbling block and from what I read continues to be for many starters and longtime users alike. Perhaps, again for the sake of discourse, as well as the slightly opaque list of crop variations the hover method could be used to guide the way to simple solutions to the question how do I cut this section out leading to how do I crop this little image into a larger one with different pixel density and physical size. Even trying to think about how complex this looks in AP gives me a headache(not humour). When choosing the 'inpainting' tool, how about the selection triggering the question by AP. "which layer?"; assuming there are layers open - if not the question is not needed and the tool just works (sorry mac persons). If all this is junk, just say. I am just musing. Regards. Sharkey
  8. Hey guys, while i see the benefit of converting to curves for shapes that have editable parameters(such as cog, star, etc.), i don't see why you would have to convert a square or circle/ellipse to curves before being able to edit them. Those shapes being basic should be editable from the start, convert to curves just adds one more click and can become annoying. The facebook moderator told me that rectangle could be merged with rounded rectangle tool in the future. Perhaps is best having the rectangle be an editable curve by default and only turning into non-editable when you set rounded corners. Even though, rounded corner radius could be applied on a corner point even if the shape is not a rectangle. What do you think?
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