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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, im new to Affinity and I like it a lot. In photoshop when you drag a file from folder directly onto a canvas youre working on - it resizes to the same size as canvas which is very convenient In Affinity photo when you drag it it keeps its original size and its very painful to resize it each time. Also sometimes it simply gets pasted somewhere outside the canvas and its not even easy to locate it. Is there any way to drag the file onto canvas and make it resize to fit it?
  2. With a Macro in Affinity Photo I need to take a larger file and resize the short edge to 1000 pixels. Wherever the long edge ends up is fine. I tried making a Macro, but the long dimension is locked into the length created with the original image used to create the Macro. The crops will be different for all of the photos. Is there any way to do this with Affinity Photo? Photoshop has a Fit command that I used in the past. I'm trying to get away from Photoshop!
  3. Hi there! I am new from Illustrator and looking for a way to crop my workspace to the artwork bounds. Have a look at the images attached: I want to crop the background so that my icon's background is just what's now marked red. How to fit to Artwork Bounds? Thanks and best regards
  4. Hi, In Illustrator I can set up a document 800px x 800px and create a logo on it with a much smaller size. Then I click on "Fit To Artboard" and in a millisecond my Art board is adapted to the size of my logo. How do I achieve this in Affinity Designer? Regards & Thanks, David
  5. Hi, After at least too operations I've noticed that Affinity Photo enlarges the edited image to 'Fit to Screen'. This effects "Cropping" and also the "Resize the Document" option. Resize Image - to Recreate: Open a large image such as 1920x1080, use the option "Resize the Document", change the dimensions to 800x450. Instead of the image being left at it's 100% zoom ratio, the image is enlarged to 'Fit-to-Screen'. Cropping - to Recreate: Open a large image and crop it down to a manageable size, smaller than your working canvas screen area, e.g 1920x1080 image, resize to 800x450. Instead of the image being left at it's 100% ratio, the image is enlarged to 'Fit-to-Screen'. This is not the expected behavior, the enlarging of the image on the screen/canvas after an operation is unnecessary and pixelates the image. 100% zoom ratio looks perfect. This is how other software behaves, such as Photoshop. There isn't any use I can think of that the user would need the image to be re-sized to fit the display after cropping or resizing unless the image was larger than the display area - scaled down yes, but not enlarged. Thanks, Jay.
  6. Hi guys, Is there a way to fit an object to the canvas dimensions, without using snapping or using the width/height input fields? Like a simple option "fit to canvas width or height"? Thanks, Chris
  7. 1st request: If you want to temporarily disable a mask you have to Shift click on the mask thumbnail. So far so good... until you start shift click it a bit too fast and then the view zooms out. Try this: 1. Zoom the document to a value different than 100% 2. Add a mask to a pixel layer 3. Start shift clicking the mask thumbnail at a speed of 1 click per second Everything is fine so far 4. Start steadily increasing the speed of your shift clicking The view will zoom out to fit the screen. Can you please make it so it doesn't do this zooming when enabling/disabling masks? This ties in to the 2nd request: Can you please make it so that you can enable and disable masks no matter what speed you shift click them with? At the moment the mask won't enable/disable if you shift click them faster than 1 click per second. In Photoshop you can enable/disable masks as fast as you can press the mouse button. Can you make the enable/disable mask function irrelevant to the clicking speed? Thanks for considering these! :)
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