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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, 1. I want to make a brush of three different images, lets say smileys (one happy, one very happy and one sad). The images do exist. Now when i paint with the brush the appearing smiley should be random how do i do it? 2. Now i want a more complex brush a brush of garden gnomes but this time i want them to differ in thei features randomly. So i have three mouths, 2 beardstyles and 5 hats they should not differ in any other way. Can i get a brush maybe with the subbrush menu that paints a garden gnome with a random combination of these features? All that without me having to crea
  2. Hello guys! I have a question: how can I make a vector brush that draws a given shame over and over again? I’m making technical clothing drawings and it would be so nice not to draw zigzag stitches one by one. I know there are such brushes in AI but since they can’t be imported I wonder if I can make them myself in affinity for iPad. this is the shape and I want to make things like this: @ProDesigner sorry to bother you but maybe you can help me again ( by the way, I can by pass the paddle thing If you make a 3 points vertical line ) thank
  3. Hi there, I'm experimenting with making custom brushes in Designer out of a pattern of dots I've created in an other document, I've successfully done this by exporting the dots as a png then making a new brush using 'New textured image brush'. However you can't then change the colour of the dots, I guess because it's just made out of a png file. Is there any way to make this brush so that I can change the colour like any other vector brush I might download? Thanks!
  4. I tried to install custom brushes on my MacBook Air. Version 1.7.2. I keep getting an error message that won’t allow me to install them. I’ve tried a couple different file formats. Any help would be great.
  5. I'm new to Affinity Designer and trying to create custom image brushes. The process seems very straightforward, but I can't seem to get it to work properly for my brushes. In my screen shot, I've illustrated the pattern I'm trying to make into an image brush. From what I've read and seen in video tutorials, the process is to make a black background with the area to be the actual brush white. I saved my image as a .PNG file. Done. Now, when I create the image brush everything appears to have imported properly. I sliced up the image to make the center repeat. That appears fine, as well
  6. When I make a custom design, to be used as a brush and be applied to a stroke, it always seems to very glitchy when resizing or zooming in and out. This also happens when moving the object, or just moving the screen, as well as after the object has been moved and just sitting there. I did a screen capture and posted it to YouTube so you can see what I'm talking about better. Also showing the same design in Illustrator. https://youtu.be/CMapiGaZDDo This design was made in Designer and I used the same file to make a custom brush in Illustrator to do the same thing. -Robert
  7. When I was using photoshop I was able to buy Kyle Webster custom brushes. These don't work in Affinity. What do I use for custom brushes? Are there natural looking brushes that come with affinity or that can be purchased? I'm really concerned about how I'm going to draw, paint and erase to look like art rather than computer obvious stuff.
  8. Hi everyone I am new to infinity photo I have used Photoshop in the past .The last few years have you used Photoshop elements Setting custom brushes iWas quite straightforward in Photoshop. I seem to be at a loss trying to create a custom brush in affinity photo loving the program absolutely brilliant can anybody please inform me on how to create custom brushes in affinity foto Thank you
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