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  1. So a subbrush, is more for texture is that correct ? So i have lets say a brush that paints some rocks and now i want a different texture like sand and thats when to use them.
  2. Hey, so what are subbrushes and how do they work with the mainbrush? When do you use subbrushes? Thank you for your answers
  3. Hello community, What exactly is the base texture and when would i use it? The affinity manual was no help in that regard. How does it differ from brush nozzles and how do the two modes final and nozzle differ? An explanation or a link to a tutorial i have not found is appreciated.
  4. Hey, 1. I want to make a brush of three different images, lets say smileys (one happy, one very happy and one sad). The images do exist. Now when i paint with the brush the appearing smiley should be random how do i do it? 2. Now i want a more complex brush a brush of garden gnomes but this time i want them to differ in thei features randomly. So i have three mouths, 2 beardstyles and 5 hats they should not differ in any other way. Can i get a brush maybe with the subbrush menu that paints a garden gnome with a random combination of these features? All that without me having to create a picture of a gnome for every possible combination first. Do you know whether it is possible in a different program ? Kindest regards and a big thx for your explanations.
  5. Hey, in the paintbrushtool how does it work if i paint multiple times at the same spot? Painting the same spot with 50% opacity two times does not mak it 100% opacity but something inbetween, why and how much inbetween ? Does the same rules apply to flow ? thx
  6. Really important feature semitransparent overlay masks gets my upvote as well. Making a pixel selection or shape a vector form is the other important missing feature but thats not a basic feature.
  7. thx anon figured it out shortly after asking the question. Its the solution.
  8. Hi, i like to work with adjustmentlayers and apply different degrees of the layer with greyscale. I know i can see the mask but nothing else when i click on the layer with the alt key pressed. What i want is something akin to the red quickmask overlay, Is it possible? In short i want to see the mask of an adjustmentlayer as semitransparent overlay so i see also the image. At best the semitransparent overlay would vary with how much of the mask is applied. How to achieve this ? If its not possible is there a workaround with adding an extra masklayer? Kindest regards thx
  9. How can i use the undo brush non destructively ? Is it somehow possible with masks? What i want is a layer/masklayer i can blend in and out only with the changes of the undo brush.
  10. Thats not fair, if there is a way it seems very usefull to correct lighting and shadows.
  11. Hey, is there a possibility to select two pixels (a and b) and see what the difference is or which tool/mask i need to use, to make the first pixel the coulor of the other. Or the difference between a group of pixels A and a group of Pixels B. For example if you see a picture and there are transparent letters or shadows on top of the image and you want to remove them. Clicking on a part of the image that has colour c and then on a part of the image with the transparent letters on top where you assume that it has colour f(c). f(c) as the transformationfunction that is necessary to produce the coulor of the second selected pixel or pixelgroup. So what i want is to know given two points in a picture which transformation is necessary to convert one to another. Specifically for the purpose of removing unwanted shadows or transparent letters. Thanks and best regards.
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