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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Happened a few times today: The app freezes and then crashes when selecting a new brush in the Pixel Persona. Does not happen all the time, only sometimes + haven't identify a reason for this occurence. Notice the brushes preview now (since last update) takes a while to load at times. Thanks. iPad pro 12,9 5th ios 16.5.1 256gb
  2. Since using the Beta version of Photo (since yesterday) I have been having annoying problems with all brushes, be they selection, dodge, burn, custom or normal paintbrush. I do not have the 'Always show crosshair' ticked, so I should not see the crosshair but I do. Every time I select a brush, it starts off as a crosshair even though it is a large brush. If I press Caps Lock, the crosshair becomes lighter but remains a stubborn crosshair. I can change the brush size using CTRL and ALT but when I release these buttons, I get the cross hair back. Then, when using a brush, once I have released the mouse I get a small brush circle, then when I use the same brush in another part of the image and release the mouse the brush circle becomes larger. On the third use of the brush I get the crosshair back again. As said before this happens with all types of brushes. It is extremely frustrating. When going back to the non-Beta, normal, V2 Photo I do not have this problem. The brushes act normally and try as I might, I, thankfully, can not replicate the same problem. Can you tell me if I should be doing something else? I am using Windows 11 15 hours later...... I have just opened the Beta version of Photo and the gremlins have gone...for now! I hope they do not return but I would like to know what to do if I get the same problem again. Sandi
  3. Hi, just had an issue with Affinity Designer for iPad. I created a folder for the brushes being used on a project but when duplicating a brush to add to this folder the application crashed. I had to restart the app and noticed all the imported brushes have gone and now left with the system brushes only… had a scan on the forums and noticed a few others have had a similar issue but couldn’t find if there was a solution. Also restarted the iPad but no joy. thanks D
  4. Due to purchase of new computer system, I had to reload Affinity Photo Version Unfortunately, I'm unable to load saved ABR brushes that worked on previous system. Attempts to import get the Error Importing Brushes message. Some ABR brushes I made work others don't Has there been a fix or patch made for AFP? Thanks
  5. When iam using my huion h950p graphics tablet it was very laggy with the brushes and also the performance ..why is it so slow ..please improve the prformance of brushes while using using them with pen tablets ..still not impressed by affinity photo ..and also i cannot fully switch like these issues still on. Please make a update which fix mainly this issue . So many creators use designing softwares with graphics tablets.
  6. I have the latest versions of Designer and Photo for desktop and Ipad. Can’t load new brushes downloaded from Affinity website into Designer. Desktop or ipad. Is there a fix for this yet?
  7. I'm using Affinity Photo v1.8.3 and I'm looking in the Brushes area in the top right. The instructor in the class I'm taking (it was recorded a few years ago, and he's using v1.6.x on a Mac) has a Brushes area that has a bunch of stuff in it (e.g. a bunch of different Textures are displayed below the select box that has 'Textures' as one of its options). Here's what it looks like: In my APhoto, I do get the Brushes select box, and it has more or less the same options in it as the instructor's screen. However, no matter what option I select, the area below the select box remains blank. Weirdly, the scrollbar on the right side of that pane indicates that there's more than one pane's height worth of stuff in the pane, and if I click in the pane, a (blank) row is selected, though it doesn't seem to do anything to the Paint Brush that I'm using, no matter which of those phantom rows is selected. Here's what that looks like: Needless to say, I'm having trouble following the class as I don't have any brushes but the instructor does. And APhoto is acting like I have some in the list, but just not displaying them to me.
  8. Hi guys. I have an issue with ink brushes. Selecting different type of brushes, it seems like the respective texture does not charge. In particular, “Ink on glass” texture seems missing. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the issue remains. I have tried different file dimensions and colour spaces. running latest app version ( on latest iOS version.
  9. Hi, I posted a problem few days ago, and the moderator tell me that the problem continues i would open a new topic in this section, (can you see in this link problems with brushes and wacom intuos pro designer ) and lets go. My hardware computer are: Acer ASPIRE E5-573G intel core I7-5500U 2.4GHz Ram 8G Graphic card Nvidia geforce 920M Intuos Pro M (pth-660) My Software windows 10 Home version 1709 Its Ok, I'm use your program to color my ilustrations and I detected that when I open the designer in first time and begin to work with my tablet sometimes the programs stoped to response, and I must forced to close it with the task admin after y re-open the aplication and works. In other hand, when I paint in pixel mode, the brushes disapears suddenly, some time later than i start to paint, the circle of the brushes becomes to the cursos arrow like I'm lost the focus in the program and I' was in the OS. This is the original problem, in this days I`m paid attention and I see that this error appear more after uses the shortcut to control the size and hardness. It's like the second button click was hold down and if i press de second click button the circle of the brushes apears again. I've configured the second button click in the first button of my pro pen 2. This error only appears when I use the wacom tablet, whith a mouse or track pad integrated don't happens. Thanks in advance, Laura.
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