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  1. Hi, I see that the spanish versión you transate "spreads" as "progresiones" the correct Word is "pliegos". It´s a specific term on plubish world in Spain you can ser the reference in rae: https://dle.rae.es/?w=pliego thanks for all, itsa great program
  2. 1+ the story editor is an important tool I cant contribute more reasons that the others, an I agree and all them
  3. LauraIlustrada

    problems with brushes and wacom intuos pro

    Hi, I have Windows ink disable always because it cause problems with Photoshop too but the problem in designer persist. In other hand, I've configured the space key in a express button of my tablet and when i press the button for move my image whith the pen of my wacom the image doesn't move. Thanks in andvance for search the solution.
  4. Hi, I posted a problem few days ago, and the moderator tell me that the problem continues i would open a new topic in this section, (can you see in this link problems with brushes and wacom intuos pro designer ) and lets go. My hardware computer are: Acer ASPIRE E5-573G intel core I7-5500U 2.4GHz Ram 8G Graphic card Nvidia geforce 920M Intuos Pro M (pth-660) My Software windows 10 Home version 1709 Its Ok, I'm use your program to color my ilustrations and I detected that when I open the designer in first time and begin to work with my tablet sometimes the programs stoped to response, and I must forced to close it with the task admin after y re-open the aplication and works. In other hand, when I paint in pixel mode, the brushes disapears suddenly, some time later than i start to paint, the circle of the brushes becomes to the cursos arrow like I'm lost the focus in the program and I' was in the OS. This is the original problem, in this days I`m paid attention and I see that this error appear more after uses the shortcut to control the size and hardness. It's like the second button click was hold down and if i press de second click button the circle of the brushes apears again. I've configured the second button click in the first button of my pro pen 2. This error only appears when I use the wacom tablet, whith a mouse or track pad integrated don't happens. Thanks in advance, Laura.
  5. Thanks for all, I try it and it seems that works correctly, but y work hard with it to be sure. If I have any problem abou it I tell us in Bugs section. Thanks for all a lot.
  6. Hi Dan C, Mi OS its windows 10 and my hardware are a Intel core i7 with 8GB and Gforce920M. Its a Notebook. Yes, I have ticked this options, i see it before ask us, In refer to your question " Does your brush preview still not display when using your pen? " yes, if I use the track pad or a mouse I can see the brushes, but when I take my pen the brush becomes to an arrow. I see that there are a new update, I try it and if he problems continues I tell us. Thanks for all.
  7. Hi, In first place coment that I very happy with your product, but with the last version I have a little problems: 1.- when I have few minutes working with my wacom intuos pro m (pth-660) sometimes the program crushes, and im forced to close de program with de task admin. 2.- I can't see the brushes when I works with the wacom tablet, they are always the cursor arrow, and i can`t see the form or size. Someone can help me? thanks in addvance.
  8. Hi, I'm working whith the new beta of affinty publisher and I miss a short cut to place images or documents into the publication, it`s very little thing but ussefull in this kind of programs, thanks in advance. You are doing a great job. Sorry by my english.
  9. Hi, I download de new version but don't works, the instalation programs said "error on rigths" and I try tu install the old version and don`t works too, what can I doo, becaus the old version looks like good

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