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  1. I agree. I much prefer the light background on the PC and was hoping it would be the same on the ipad version. Here's hoping!!
  2. Thankyou Walt. It really was that simple...'Protect Alpha' was selected. I have no idea why I did not check that. My problem has nothing to do with Affinity...it's to do with AGE!!!
  3. Hello Photo 2Beta 1781 Windows 11 Pro Yesterday, I could put a pixel layer above another layer and used a paintbrush or inpainting brush and everything worked well. Today, nothing happens on the pixel layer unless I make it a child layer of the layer beneath. This is ok if you are only working with two layers. However if I want the pixel layer to affect everything in my layer panel, I need the pixel layer on top and not a child layer of anything. I then used the same original images that I used in the beta version in Photo 2 (non Beta) and the pixel layer worked the way it should when placed at the top of the layer stack. I go back into Photo 2 beta version and put a pixel layer on top of the layer stack and, again, the brushes do not work unless it is made a child layer of the layer beneath. I have also found that the beta version of Photo2 is very much slower than the non beta version. So I think I am going to use the non beta version in future.
  4. Thankyou Ron and Arachnida Well...that worked a treat!! So thankyou both very much for the help. So far, so good I have played with as many brushes as I can and kept swapping to the burn dodge set and now they all work as they are supposed too.
  5. Hi Sean I have enclosed a recording. At first I am trying to show that using the selection brush is normal. Then when I use the Dodge/Burn/Sponge brush, each time I press the mouse somewhere different, the size changes automatically. What i forgot to show was that when I use the CTRL+ALT to change the size of brush I get the cross hair back. Hope this helps Sandi Affinity Photo 2 2023-03-04 12-09-13.mp4
  6. It's happening again. Exactly what happened in my first post. I have rebooted twice and still the same problem occurs. I do not seem to be able to use any brush now. Getting really frustrated now. I wrote the above sentences 3 mins ago and now brush working fine. I have no idea what is causing it and am just waiting for it to go off again.. I am going to play around for a minute to see what might be causing it. Ok I think I have it semi sussed it out...the problem seems to be with the Dodge brush. I do not usually use dodge and burn brush (and did not think I had used it prior to the first event happening) when editing but occasionally there may be one little are I may use the brush on. If I start editing with ANY other brush first, then all seems well. I have just experimented using several brushes and then try the burn/dodge and sponge brushes before AND after other brushes (yes, the image looks a right mess!!) Now, NO brushes work after selecting the burn, dodge or sponge brushes. I then have to close everything down and start again. I hope someone else can replicate this and sort it out. Sandi
  7. My dear Walt, you are a gem. I had a space between % and 1, idiot that I am. Thankyou for your patience and help!!!
  8. Sorry, previous post was misspelt. I did use 'photo2beta.exe'
  9. I used photobeta2.exe but when I go to 'edit in' in LR, Photo 2 Beta version opens but the image does not open in Photo2Beta. I think it has something to do with the way I am using/saving the .bat file. When going to writing it in the cmd prompt in windows it just opens the P2beta programme - can not save it from there. When I wrote it in 'notepad' and saved it and then pointed LR to it, again just AP2beta opened but with no image actually opening.
  10. I created a .bat file and pointed Lightroom 'External editor' to the .bat file, but that does not seem to work. I am having to 'show image in explorer' and then open image from there.
  11. I have tried using the Beta version with Lightroom Classic V12 but cannot get it to work. I tried the same sort of workaround when installing V2 however this does not work with the Beta version. I have searched the forums and cannot find the helpful post that allowed several workarounds last time. Can someone please point me in the right direction or remind me what to do?
  12. Since using the Beta version of Photo (since yesterday) I have been having annoying problems with all brushes, be they selection, dodge, burn, custom or normal paintbrush. I do not have the 'Always show crosshair' ticked, so I should not see the crosshair but I do. Every time I select a brush, it starts off as a crosshair even though it is a large brush. If I press Caps Lock, the crosshair becomes lighter but remains a stubborn crosshair. I can change the brush size using CTRL and ALT but when I release these buttons, I get the cross hair back. Then, when using a brush, once I have released the mouse I get a small brush circle, then when I use the same brush in another part of the image and release the mouse the brush circle becomes larger. On the third use of the brush I get the crosshair back again. As said before this happens with all types of brushes. It is extremely frustrating. When going back to the non-Beta, normal, V2 Photo I do not have this problem. The brushes act normally and try as I might, I, thankfully, can not replicate the same problem. Can you tell me if I should be doing something else? I am using Windows 11 15 hours later...... I have just opened the Beta version of Photo and the gremlins have gone...for now! I hope they do not return but I would like to know what to do if I get the same problem again. Sandi
  13. Thankyou Walt and -S-. I have changed the Text contrast and UI brightness but as you have mentioned, -S- it is not as clear as V!
  14. Very happy with changes in V2, however, is it possible to enlarge the text within the programme? I know I can increase text size on the PC or even change screen resolution but this does not change the text inside the programme panels. Please see images below. I find the readability of the text too small and to me it is much smaller than V1. Also, the 'Large' icon in the layers panel also seems smaller than that in V1. And also is there a way of increasing size in the tools panel?? I have three 27" monitors over which I spread the panels but this small text size is really a pain. Sandi
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