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Found 10 results

  1. I've tried 3 times to post this on the original thread Changing Background Color but it won't post when I click the Submit button. I'm only afforded a very limited, short-time window to squeezing in learning A-Pub as I can carve in between stations. I share that so if you share insights I appreciate them but I can't work at A-Pub as often as I'd like. Plus, I have to do this dragging files and graphics among 2-3 different laptops. I revisited this and find my stuck right at the beginning. Lee? Could you please share graphics which are a lot larger? I enlarge the screen but I can't see what your arrows are pointing to. The training and YT videos are even harder to see. I place my mouse on the Pages (tab or whatever the A-Pub term is for that Pages is) and clcik on it. It then creates a wider black page with Pages underneath it. There's a Rectangle Tool [M] under that - is that what gets clicked to "draw the rectangle"? If so, it draws a blue box but then immediately disappears. You mention locking it but if I let go of the mouse that blue box disappears. So must I I hold the mouse on it and somehow press another key to lock it? I can't see how this is being done. If anyone can create a clearly visible instructional video of this,can you please share it in .mp4 and not a .GIF as I have no software tool in Windows to slow the video down if it's a .GIF. Thank you for your understanding and help!
  2. Only thing missing now is the option to change the background color of the pasteboard! Light grey doesn't have enough contrast against the white, even though that will be filled with color, shapes, etc. Thanks!!
  3. Hi, I just learned from one of the video tutorials, that an artboard can have a color, which is a nice thing to have. I tried it and realized, that it seems, that the color does not extends into the bleed, when exporting the document. Is that so or do I miss a setting? Thanks Sebastian
  4. Hey! Thanks again for the good work and the nice recent updates! One of my files does something strange, though: Every new text object (not only the text frame) has an unchangeable background color. I know that it is by design when I convert shape into a text Frame. But this time I only use text frames or artistic text. Closing the application and Opening the file again doesn't help. Although only this file behaves like this. I can even copy text frames from new documents without a background color and it works. In the file there is a transparent frame text which comes from another file. The file was originally a PDF. Maybe this is important in this case too. In the screenshot you are seeing: the first field is an artistic text with grey background the second field is a text frame with the same Problem Never set any Background - the were created like this - only in this file! I have attached the file if needed for inspection. Seems like a bug only in this file - thought it might be helpful to know. All the best, Chris test.afdesign
  5. Maybe I don't see the trees in the woods ... I cannot find a way to change the background color of table cells in Publisher (and I'm sure there is)... and I also could not find anything here or on YouTube about it. Can someone please point me to it? Thx so much in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm a new user of Affinity Photo and Designer. Is there a shortcut for setting foreground and background colors black and white like in Photoshop "D" key?
  7. Hello Community: I have created a logo design in Serif DrawPlus X8 and the Artistic Text fill color is Red (R-255-G-0-B-0). I am designing this logo to be silk screened onto T-Shirts for a special occasion purpose. The T-Shirt material will be navy blue. I would like to create a solid blue background in my Affinity Design workspace page to offer the silk screening company the two-color - Red & White - design layout to follow. Is there a way I can flood fill my workspace page in blue while I continue to work on my logo design. I intend to print the finished design so the silk screener will have a visual guideline. (If anyone knows that this can also be done in DrawPlus X8, I'll gladly follow any suggestions provided.) Thanks for any help. NealO USS Intrepid FCM 75th CA Logo.afdesign
  8. when using an artboard I have to set it to transparent before I can export a slice PNG with a transparent background. That feels odd and adds a lot of extra work just for exporting. Look at Gravit for example. The background is fully ignored by the slice exporter and I can hand adjust it. Thats how in Affinity this should be. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byzv_NlyKp_2QU81N2RlT1c3b0E/view
  9. I'm new to Affinity and I'm hoping y'all can help me with this. I've traced a sketch in AD which includes a lot of lettering. I'm running into a problem with letters that have empty spaces inside them (like R, A, O, etc. - letters that have an empty space entirely surrounded by the letter form). I've created these letters with the pen tool by drawing the outside of the letter, then drawing the outline of the inner empty space, but this seems to create one shape on top of another, so that when I go to fill in the letter shape, I can't get the space in the middle to be completely empty, revealing the background behind the letter. I can only "empty out" one layer, as it were - I can make that inner space empty to reveal the fill color of the letter itself, which obviously isn't what I want. I guess what I'm looking for is a way to draw a shape and fill it in with a color, and then cut out part of that shape to reveal the background color behind it. Seems like there has to be an obvious way to do this that I'm missing, but I've been stuck on this for almost a day now. Thanks!
  10. Using an embedded file with (card style round corners) added it to the master file but the file is adding color to the background - can you guys help me out with this. Thanks attached is an image with the corner of the card embedded file to the master file background.
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