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  1. Thanks Walt for clearing this up. I found a workaround, I just wanted to know if theres a simpler way. Thanks again Sebastian
  2. Hi, I have a frame text in a document (a simple shape of 3 points with 2 straight lines and a curved one). The frame is populated with text (obviously). Before adding the text, I didn't set the border and border color to none, so the textframe has got a white border. Now I want to get rid of that border, but if I select the frame and manipulate the border it only affects the text within the frame. Is there a way to change the border of a text frame directly? Thanks Sebastian
  3. Ah, OK. That's what I did before and I thought I found a better way, but if that's how it works ... Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just learned from one of the video tutorials, that an artboard can have a color, which is a nice thing to have. I tried it and realized, that it seems, that the color does not extends into the bleed, when exporting the document. Is that so or do I miss a setting? Thanks Sebastian
  5. Yes PDF, sorry I forgot to say ... If you need screenshots, I could send them via E-Mail ...
  6. FYI When I use a dashed line and put a negative value in "Phase", the export fails with an error. I can't remember why I wanted to put the negative value there, but it seems, that when it's not allowed it shouldn't be possible. Regards Sebastian PS: Wanted to attach screenshot, but "Error This upload failed"
  7. Hi, I (german) just used the tabstopps in AD for the first time. After some fiddling around I figured out, that I can't use the "align by decimal"-feature, because we use the comma as separator instead of the point. This may not be the most urgent request, but it would be nice to choose the comma in a future-version. Thanks Sebastian
  8. Hi, I haver a quick question: Is there away to convert a frame-text-object to a graphic-text-object and vice versa? Or do I have copy the text and use a new object? Thanks Sebastian
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