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  1. Maybe I don't see the trees in the woods ... I cannot find a way to change the background color of table cells in Publisher (and I'm sure there is)... and I also could not find anything here or on YouTube about it. Can someone please point me to it? Thx so much in advance.
  2. Any (somewhat reliable) eta on Publisher other than '2017'? ... I have been in product development myself and appreciate the efforts and the delays that can come with it. However, betas had been announced for late 2015 or early 2016 ... and I am at a crossroad here: either go full into Affinity products and dump Creative Suite, or dump Affinity. ... I don't have the time to try software out, only to find out that it only makes sense once another software comes out some time in the distant future.
  3. Hi - I've purchase Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo in hopes I could stop my Adobe subscription. The name 'Designer' suggested to me that it would be a replacement for InDesign (or at least to 80%). I could not find anything on the Affinity website (or this forum) about the product placement, except for info on which Adobe files can be opened (in the feature list), which suggests that Affinity Designer is more of a "replacement" for Illustrator. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance.
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