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Found 8 results

  1. If I have a layer like so: And if I try to transform it, it will get blurry edges like so: I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent this from happening? So far I've found on the forum a "solution", which is to change the view quality. It works in the editor, but as soon as the image is exported the blurry edges are back. Another solution I've found is to stack 5 times the same layer so that the transparency goes away. It works but that's a bit ridiculous and it's particularly tedious when you need to resize multiple layers. So is there any actual solution to this?
  2. Hi, I've noticed that Affinity Photo blurs the edges of pixel perfect rectangles (pixel layers, not shapes) if I stretch them even though "force pixel alignment", "move by whole pixels" and "snapping" are all turned on. This shouldn't happen, should it? In Photoshop, I can stretch a pixel perfect rectangular pixel layer (not shape) as much as I want without it getting blurred if the edges are pixel aligned and perfectly solid. Please check the videos I recorded. One is showing Affinity Photo and the other Photoshop for comparison. pixel_perfect_rectangle_gets_blurred.mp4 photoshop.mp4
  3. When selecting a range of pixels in Affinity Photo, upon resizing, the edges become transparent and gradient. What are the chances for this issue to get fixed?
  4. How can I transform a selection? In Adobe Photoshop the action was performed by creating a marquee selection and then hitting "Command-T" This would allow me to stretch an area thus removing an unwanted area. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have the following setup: pixel persona: one layer with a background color (here: blue). above a layer with a white background and a hole in the middle (to show the blue background). now I take the mask tool select an area left side, press V and resize it over the whole. now on the left side it creates a blue 'line' (having a new partially transparent area). this is also in Affinity Photo, btw. Screen Recording 2019-10-22 at 11.21.40.mov
  6. Hi there, I resently have an issue with the Move Tool. I wanted to scale a 1px weight line broader. Only to check if the middle Part is correct. But then I noticed that the broader line was scattert. Here ist the Result. So I tried to work around, sure I can duplikate the line, but thats too laborious. Then I tired it in Gimp with the scale tool. And there I can choose between the diffrent Interpolation. My Question ist now, why I cant do that in Affinity? Here the Gimp Version, how it shoul look like. Hope someone can help me.
  7. So in Photoshop you can free transform and image which you placed a single line marquee over and it created these awesome streaks. For the life of me i can not figure this out in Affinity Photo. Help Please
  8. It 'appears' that the opacity of a pixel element in Affinity Designer is not set to 100% opaque when exported. I have a very old web UI I am working with that is pixel based. I am using an old technique that worked in the past in Photoshop, and while I am in Affinity Designer it looks great. When I export though, the area I am looking to be opaque appears to have a lower opacity and one can see the elements behind it. Let me elaborate I have a pill button. This button has a left edge, and a right edge. The center area could be 1px width and Xpx wide. In other words the 'texture' of this pill button can be easily repeated by stretching a 1px wide element. In Photoshop one would marquee the 1px wide Xpx height area, copy and paste that into a new layer Command + T to Transform and drag out the other end to effectively duplicate that 1px to Xpx depending on the distance you go. Easily done similarly in Affinity Designer. Attached though is the results as it appears in Affinity Designer and then the results after it has been exported in PNG format. The attached image shows Affinity Designer's view in the background in pixel view mode and below (Apple Preview) the actually Exported PNG view. Can you see the pill's extension? See how it is not opaque? What am I doing wrong? =)
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