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  1. I know that trick very well. And yes it works works properly. But sometime I wish I had that command like in Photoshop. Especially when i handle with large amount of layers and its irritating that the command "merge down" exist but not a equivalent. It´s just nip-picking but I would really like to see a command like "merge selection" ore so on.
  2. Ok, thank you, I couldn´t find then the right post in the forum.
  3. Hi there, I resently have an issue with the Move Tool. I wanted to scale a 1px weight line broader. Only to check if the middle Part is correct. But then I noticed that the broader line was scattert. Here ist the Result. So I tried to work around, sure I can duplikate the line, but thats too laborious. Then I tired it in Gimp with the scale tool. And there I can choose between the diffrent Interpolation. My Question ist now, why I cant do that in Affinity? Here the Gimp Version, how it shoul look like. Hope someone can help me.