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Found 7 results

  1. When I set margins for my document it works just fine right up until I convert my document into an artboard. Then when you drag the numbers up they snap right back to 0 and show no preview. Current workaround is to either create a completely new document and ban myself from clicking the artboard button or create manual margins using invisible boxes while crying softly.
  2. I'm in a document with multiple art boards (not sure if this is important) and when I try manually entering a position for a guide with the pop-up keypad, upon hitting OK it changes it to zero every time, and I can't figure out a way to actually use the guides precisely. Seems like a bug?
  3. When trying to set margin guides on an Art board, the settings just revert to 0 and no margin is displayed.
  4. Cannot set margins on artboards. They jump back to 0.0 mm immediately after you release the finger. iPad 2020 (8 generation); ios: 14.3; Designer version: 1.8.6.
  5. Fantastic! The registration worked perfectly. Just a few comments: 1. Margins are not working correctly with artboards. When you make a new document, then inside the document you make a few artboards, then go to guides>margins and you try to make some and it doesn’t work. 2. it would be nice if you could delete an object with the “delete” key on the magic keyboard for ipad. Regarding the keyboard, to move objects quicker with the arrow keys, with the macOS version you can press SHIFT+arrows keys to move an object faster. It would be nice to have this implemented too! 3. in the pixel persona, in the brush tool, when you go to color at the bottom and select the eye dropper and try to select a color, the interface flashes at the bottom 4. how do you embed or link an image on ipad ? 5. The “check spelling while typing box” goes back to default every time you open the same document. It would be nice if it remembered the setting. Regarding spelling, it would be nice if affinity used automatic spelling based on the keyboard language you have turned on (global world key on the keyboard) like in the rest of iPadOS. Also, would it be possible to use the “|” cursor in text with the new cursor in iPadOS instead of the circle for text selection (like in the rest of iPadOS)? It would be amazing if more custom cursor elements appeared throughout, just like on macOS. 6. The package feature works perfect!! 7. Would it be possible to have “paste without formatting” in the clipboard menu? Or in text options, remove formatting. thanks, Sven
  6. the left/right/top/bottom guides in artboard document mode doesn't respond, it keeps referring back to 0. in the single board mode works perfectly.
  7. Guides work with one artboard. When a second artboard is added, and then a vertical guide is added to the second artboard, the vertical guide appears just to the left of the 2nd artboard and cannot be moved. When a third artboard is added, and a vertical guide is added to that artboard, it appears half the width of the 3rd artboard to the left and cannot be adjusted. You can see the vertical guides in relation to each artboard. They move with the artboard. 7E170261-55BF-499D-90CC-5459202514C0.MP4
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