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Found 12 results

  1. In the Stock panel, input a search term and hit Enter. Affinity Publisher crashes immediately.
  2. Is anyone else having issues with the use of Unsplash causing crashing? I am using Affinity Designer, vr on Windows 10. Everytime I attempt to grab a reference photo from Unsplash the program crashes and boots me out. Any fixes at this time?
  3. All is in the heading. Pull a stock photo out of the stock-photo-panel (f.e. Unsplash) into a document: you`re gone without saving. Shuts down the complete app. Desktop version / Aff Designer 1.9 / System: windows 10
  4. My Affinity Publisher crashes everytime I drag an image from unsplash. I have been using it and loving it (the unsplash thing is a big reason) but since the update, I just can't work because of the crashes. Already Uninstalled and installed. Already installed the older version again and now it also doesn't work. I would link my document but I can't create any. It just crashes. I own a Windows 10, HP OMEN, NVIDIA GTX, 8 Gbs RAM, Intel core i7 7th gen. Would love to know if someone has also had this problem and if anyone has found a solution.
  5. I discovered today that I'm unable to drag Unsplash stock photos from the Stock studio panel into any of the the Affinity apps. Pexels and Pixabay work just fine. Is this a bug in the Affinity Suite or problem with the Unsplash service?
  6. I'm using a trial licensed Affinity Publisher 1.9.1 on macOS. I am unable to drag and drop from stock. This is quite frustrating given that I'm trying to evaluate to purchase the software. See Attaché gif.
  7. Was working before but I don't frequently use the stock as much so not sure if happened after update. I start any document new/old and use stock image option. Unsplash image is clicked, then I drag an image Im going to use on the canvas but affdesigner crashes and basically turns off as in the app window closes. I reopened affdesigner but it seems the issue wont go away after trying again.
  8. I have an issue where when I want to add a photo from Unsplash using the stock photo tab - I get stuck on “downloading” and I have to close and re-open the app. I can search Unsplash fine and see the images to choose from but cannot add them to a canvas. I can add from Pexels and Pixabay fine and without issue. I have tried closing other projects, re-starting my iPad but still encountering the same issue. Has anyone had this issue? It started a couple of days ago and hasn’t stopped. I haven’t installed anything new or anything to interfere. Please help!
  9. >Open Designer >Search stocl/unsplash >Drag random result onto document *crash* I tried in 1.9.0, updated to 1.9.1, still same problem.
  10. Everytime I have tried to directly drag and place a stock photo from Unsplash onto my screen this week I have had to press Ctrl Alt Delete for task manager in order to restart both Affinity Photo/ Designer because they both simply stop working....only the mouse cursor moves screen. This isn't the case with Pexels and Pixabay which are both working as normal. Is anybody else having similar problems? Any advice would be much appreciated
  11. Hello, Since installing Affinity photo version 1.9.1, every time I try to insert an image from Stock. The program closes Thank you for helping me.
  12. Hello, is anyone have a problem with dragging stock photo from unsplash.com ? my affinity designer suddenly forced close when dragging a picture from unsplash stock in affinity designer
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