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  1. I created thread before but haven't been here for long time and wasn't sure on responses. So if anyone knows perhaps I'm doing a setting wrong or whatever. Anyhow, I create images on designer on 300dpi and export as png. Now, on my site or websites shall i say the clarity is fine, seems good resolution. But if posted images on FB or twitter the images are not as sharp anymore infact kind of blurry. I used to make images on canva and when posted on social media they remain super sharp, so why does the affinity files become 'low-resolution' looking when posted on social media?
  2. I have affinity designer software, and created for tshirt (POD) and marketing purposes. I have recently created some facebook cover image and when exporting file and uploading to Fb the image seems blurry. To make sure the dimensions are fine and not interfering with the resolution I have used software such as canva and placeit for a FB template with right dimensions. I have then downloaded and re-opened on Affinity and added some stuff then exported the work. When uploading the image, the content from Affinity still seems blurry while form the above mentioned software they seem sharper. Is there settings I need to change or is something wrong with dimensions. Affinity is a top software so I'm a little surprised when I upload images they seem a tad blurry.
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