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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Serif, Affinity Publisher on Windows 10 20H2, fully updated. Hardware Acceleration turned OFF. Using Replace... buton on PDF linked resource in Afpub Resource Manager results into only last frame populated with the replaced resource, the replaced resource has distorted proportions (both replaced and original PDF have exactly the same dimensions), the rest of originally populated frames are empty Selecting all frames populated with PDF linked resources, hitting Replace Image button in the Context Toolbar results in first image replaced correctly, but all the remaining frames populated with replaced PDF with distorted proportions.
  2. When I try to place an image (a logo made in affinity designer), it looks like publisher does not recognize the entire logo. It placed only a part of the original image. Strange things happen when I try to scale. impossible to explain. When I click the 'size picture frame to content' button, you see that publisher 'thinks' that the original image is smaller than it actually is! It sizes to only a part of the image. I added 2 screenshots. I hope somebody understands what I mean... Left the original designer file (2 artboards - in the picture frame I chose artboard 1) Right: The publisher picture frame when asked to 'size to content.
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or maybe a setting I'm missing... I find that depending on the photo dimensions when I replace one photo with another, the picture frame properties are reset to None. I had a file with a collage of 10 photos and had to replace each one and for each one I had to re-choose Scale to Max Fit. I just did a couple test (both 1.8.x and 1.9 beta) and it seems to work properly if the new photo is the same dimensions or even the same but rotated 90 degrees. But if it's a completely different size then it resets to None.
  4. No, unfortunately it's not fixed. Left: first the frame was created, then the image placed via place tool –> causes a shift on replace (see magenta frame fill). Right: first the image was placed (dto.) then converted to picture frame –> causes a massive shift off the page on replace (same occurrence in v191 beta & retail) v998 replace shifts.m4v Still not working for convert, for tool partially only: • A frame's custom saved default stroke gets applied but a custom saved fill does not – regardless of the way of new frame creation (tool or convert) or of a previously used frame fill. • The custom saved default properties No Scale + No Anchor aren't respected if the frame is created via convert. Instead still the factory defaults get applied (fit max + center). • For both ways of frame creation a custom default fill may get achieved with an additional use of the button "Revert Defaults" (whereas with factory defaults the fill gets applied during frame creation). And: still missing a certain selected layout resource when opening the Resource Manager – instead of a selected folder, which makes it more cumbersome to detect the selected single item). Plus various UI issues in this window.
  5. I was hoping this issue was fixed in the retail version, but it is not. Updating a modified file in Resource Manager is not rescaling, but it is moving its position inside a picture frame.
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