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  1. I know this helps. But I do not want to create a paragraph when using enter. I would like to create another paragraph when using shift-enter. And use the enter key to simply go to the next line. So is there a way to exchange the use of enter and shift-enter?
  2. The afdesign file was originally a .ai illustrator file. In Affinity the vector-drawing had no artboard. When I added an artboard under the drawing, placed it in Designer, the pdf was perfect.
  3. I found the solution... I'm new to Affinity, so still learning. Worked with CS6 begfore.
  4. Maybe good to let you know... It worked a week ago. pdf and print were fine. Than a few days later when I edited the file for a new version of the add, the problem occurred. So I guess I did something wrong myself, I just cannot figure out what.
  5. I hope so... I added the afpub file. And also added the pdf (without the logo - which is an afdesign file). Hope somebody can help me... vormgevertje_example.afpub vormgevertje_example.pdf
  6. Is this problem solved? I have exactly the same issue (working with version 1.7.3). Designer files disappear when creating a pdf.
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