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Found 7 results

  1. This is happening with a particular document with multiple artboards. When I try to add guide lines they won't let me adjust them to the position I need it to go to. I click on add new... (doesn't matter if it is vertical or horizontal) and I get the red dotted line. As soon as I try to drag it with my finger or Apple Pencil, it immediately goes solid blue and won't let me select it again. If I try to use the manual position adjustment in the lower tool bar it does all sorts of weird things. If I try and drag my finger to the right or left you can see the pixel numbers acting all jittery and the guide line will move but then disappears as soon as I lift my finger. If I tap on the position adjustment and manually type in the position I want, nothing happens or it jumps to a different artboard. It seems that when I have artboard #1 selected it works most of the time the way it should but as soon as I choose any other artboard then problems start to happen. I tried creating guide lines in random documents without artboards and it seems to work fine. I created a blank document with two artboards to test and when I had the second artboard selected and tried to add guide lines, Affinity let me add and adjust the horizontal line but every time I tried to add a vertical line it appeared between the two artboards and as soon as I tried to drag it into the second artboard it went solid and I couldn't tap on it like what it happening in the later situation. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen. Affinity Designer version: C64047E3-7813-4B63-8DAD-80AA04349B94.mp4
  2. Guides work with one artboard. When a second artboard is added, and then a vertical guide is added to the second artboard, the vertical guide appears just to the left of the 2nd artboard and cannot be moved. When a third artboard is added, and a vertical guide is added to that artboard, it appears half the width of the 3rd artboard to the left and cannot be adjusted. You can see the vertical guides in relation to each artboard. They move with the artboard. 7E170261-55BF-499D-90CC-5459202514C0.MP4
  3. While working on a document I noticed a floating guide outside the artboard. I can’t select or delete it in any way; resizing the artboard doesn’t work since the guide seems like anchored to it so it moves away when I move the edge (see the attachment). Isn’t any way to get rid of all the guides on a document, like a “delete all” command? Thanks IMG_2215.MP4
  4. Been trying to delete guides since yesterday in the Affinity Designer for Ipad. It can’t after going through the steps of opening guides, select guides and click delete but I can’t select to delete. IMG_0757.MOV
  5. When I try to use a guide it shows red and dotted but when I put the pencil on it to move it, the guide turns blue and will not move. Initially I could use horizontal but not vertical guides but now it's happening with the horizontal one too. Any ideas how to fix this? I saw and older thread which suggested this was a known bug and was being fixed as a matter of urgency. TIA
  6. Vertical Guides are being created in other artboards,... and i can't move them. Can't change position value. This is a recorrent bug in other tools envolving guides, column, margins.
  7. Hi! I can't move vertical guides in the last version of designer for ipad pro. I can move horizontal guides.
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