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  1. FedeG26

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Any news from users that tried 1.7 beta? Is this fixed?
  2. I would like to be able to update page numbers on my TOC without deleting line breaks and interruptions inserted manually. It would be quite useful when working on a TOC split in multiple text frames for composition purposes. It could be an additional "soft" TOC update that just reloads page numbers and section names without updating the whole TOC.
  3. I’m looking for a way to add new points in a curve by snapping to other points/objects on the iPad. In this case there are two curves with the endpoints snapped on the red stroke; I need to put two points on that curve exactly over the two endpoints, so then I could split the line into three pieces. On desktop this should be quite easy since you can move the cursor first, snap it and then put the point. Of course I want to preserve the current curvature of the stroke, so adding a point and then moving it to its destinations it’s not the right solution.
  4. On Mac I can open a document with two apps at once and with Serif apps I can edit a photo in Photo and Designer simultaneously also with a live refresh. So what if I need to edit a document with both apps on iPad? For now I only managed to do so by opening the document, editing, saving, closing and then opening in the other app. But that’s really inefficient. Is there a way to edit something in an app, then simply switch to the other, and keep editing?
  5. I noticed some times ago this problem with the stroke expanding, which wasn't so precise. On the 8th of March a new update was released: the description didn't tell anything about this issue, but when I test a little the app, the stroke expanding didn't seem to make any mistake, in any dimension, trying with rounded rectangles and text as well. Did you noticed the same? It's the problem really solved?