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Found 14 results

  1. Sorry bugging you with repeating patterns today, just trying to be a little more effective.. but I stumbled on a challenge. I get to repeat what Iยดm doing in the main window, but if I start using shape builder it stops following. Would that be a bug, or a reasonable answer to that? ๐Ÿ™‚ Or hopefully a good workaround? I would not need shape builder for this shape, but before I go more advanced.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone.
  2. Greetings everyone! I've stumbled upon an unusual bug in Version 2.1.1. Here's the situation: I'm designing a four-pointed star-like shape by utilizing the negative space between four adjacent circles with the Shape Builder Tool. After that, I used the Corner Tool to give those sharp points some smooth rounded edges. At first glance, it's perfect. But when I attempt to mirror these particular stars the rounded edges unexpectedly revert. For context, I've mirrored other designs, like a random shape I created using the Pen Tool + Corner Tool, and they kept the rounded corners, like you'd expect. While I know there's the Star Tool for crafting similar stars, I firmly believe shapes like this created the shape builder tool should handle this as well. To be clear: I'd rather not bake or convert the rounded corners to nodes and keep them flexible/adaptable! For those who prefer visual explanations, here's a short clip to illustrate the problem. Corner_Tool_Bug.mp4 Maybe some of you might have faced and resolved this, or at least can confirm the bug? Any insights or solutions you can offer would be awesome! Here's my sample file, if you'd like to try. Corner_Tool_Bug.afdesign Thanks! Dennis
  3. I'm finding that Shape Builder operations frequently crash my Designer 2.0 system out to the OS (Windows 10). Hopefully you can repeat the problem: Open the attached file. Select the Inks and Shapes layer. Click the Shape Builder tool. Start building shapes. For example, I just built shapes to try to make one shape out of the right arm and to attempt to add the circles into the pants where they intersect. Anecdotally I have the impression that if I reboot the PC, I can resume work for a little while longer than if I just start up Designer again. Memory leak, perhaps? lucy drawing.afdesign
  4. Are you using the latest release version? Yes. Can you reproduce it? Sadly, I can't reliably cause the issue. It's frustratingly frequent and intermittent. Does it happen for a new document? Yes. If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version: iPad Air 4th Gen running iOS 16.1.1 (20B101) using Apple Pencil 2 Is hardware acceleration (in Preferences > Performance) ON or OFF ? No such setting What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) I create intricate interwoven geometric patterns using the ShapeBuilder. Starting with the pencil tool, I draw lines which I then "expand stroke", make copies, rotate, and then use the ShapeBuilder to combine them. There are "left over" pieces after I use the Shape Builder, which I delete by hitting the trash bin icon in the Layer manager. Every so often, the app crashes when I delete one of these layers. Any unusual hardware: Nothing, other than Appel Pencil. Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? It works most of the time.
  5. Hey guys, There is actually only one thing missing for me in AD. But thats a big one, especially as it speed up my process immensly since it was introduced in AI. I'm talking about the notorious Shape builder tool. Of course you could make something else, that increases the speed of boolean operations. :-) (idk, shortcuts maybe?) Thank you in advance, Felix
  6. I will be happy if you could add the "Shape Builder" tool to Affinity Designer like in Adobe illustrator it will be very helpful. This feature will go with Affinity Designer to the next level. I hope that you will take my request into consideration. Thank you
  7. hello, i have used affinity suite almost for 2 months, but i really found a very big vacuum , it is just a shape builder tool,a lot of designers told you that includes me,so can you add it or just tell us that you have a plan to add it in the future ? because i am really finding a big problems working with logos using AD , even of that AD is specialized on designing logos,and i am sure that many designer if not all are facing the same problem ,so please try to make it the main plan for AD , because it is the only thing that me and a lot of designer need that fast,i am facing a lot of issues using the basic geometric operations,until i really forgot it because it became useless most times,i really appreciate your efforts for developing such as this great software,but we really need the shape builder tool as soon as possible,finally,this is one of 100000 problems that always facing me using geometric operation,thanks Desktop 2020.07.09 - t.
  8. If one has to name one tool which give incredible power to a user, most of the user will say its Shape Builder Tool. It not only can reduce the time consumption in a long project but also give the freedom of creativity to a user. One can easily test out the prototype without going too sophisticated on a idea. Thank you.
  9. hello developers and designers , i have a question that i am very confused to buy affinity because it has no shape builder tool , i tried the boolean operation but i could not do the same result in illustrator in speed and achievements , i want to just know if there are plans from developers to do something like or even better than shape builder tool ? it will save time and effort in incredible way for me and i thing many designers too , so please tell me if there just a plans for doing that because i still do not know what should i buy because affinity designer is very strong tool but it has not function that it is very necessary for me and adobe products are really expensive , so please anyone knows anything whether developers or designers tell me because i am very confused , thanks.
  10. Hello affinity designers ,1- will be there a (shape builder) tool in affinity designer like illustrator ? I cant do any type of golden ratio designes (even with the (devid) then delete) if will there be this tool in future please tell me when becaus i cant do my designes and i think alot of designers are the same ๐Ÿ˜ž please add it asap 2- when can i export AI files in affinity ? Becaus clients need that always , if you can do these things affinity will be a great tool and it will be my main and i think alot of designers will do the same !! So please if you can tell me when will you do that becaus uptil now i cant design and deal with clients , so i have to use another apps which is realy expinsive but it is the only choice ๐Ÿ˜ž And thanks alot for your affort โค
  11. I have had Affinity Designer for awhile now and the tool that keeps me from switching exclusively from Illustrator is.. the Shape Builder tool its so quick and saves so much time if affinity could get this tool up and running there will be so many people that switch over.
  12. we will not mention the other program .... but if there is one thing that they do and I miss in affinity designer , thats the shape builder tool. please, i am sure that im not the first one to ask for it. but it is almost essential for some of us. keep doing the great work.
  13. Shape builder tool - in AI i can easilly substract or combine objects by selecting them and with CURSOR. That saves me a lot of time and effort. It is just fantastic. Smooth tool - it's really handy sometimes - also you smooth your shape with cursor, not like in affinity - with just clicking the button. It's terrible and not doing the job. I purchased all your products and wanted to get rid off Adobe. Affinity Photo - way better, more intuitive and many useful options. Affinity Designer - you'v got a lot work to do. Please keep that in mind. I'm cheering for you guys Peace
  14. Say I want a section of the black oval to overlap the blue. What's the best way to go about this in designer? I guess I'm looking for something similar to illustrator's shape builder tool.
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