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  1. Hi Meb, thanks for response. I understand that. Hope it will be included in near future. And as much as I like Affinity Photo and got rid off Photoshop, Affinity Designer needs some impovements. Shape building tool in AI was crucial for me, also smoother tool was very handy. I miss that in Affinity Designer and have too wait until you improve that tools, so I can switch for AD too. Fingers crossed Cheers!
  2. 2018 STILL no preview. 2 years and still can't add that option? I just purchased your product & I feel dissapointed
  3. Shape builder tool - in AI i can easilly substract or combine objects by selecting them and with CURSOR. That saves me a lot of time and effort. It is just fantastic. Smooth tool - it's really handy sometimes - also you smooth your shape with cursor, not like in affinity - with just clicking the button. It's terrible and not doing the job. I purchased all your products and wanted to get rid off Adobe. Affinity Photo - way better, more intuitive and many useful options. Affinity Designer - you'v got a lot work to do. Please keep that in mind. I'm cheering for you guys Peace
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