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Found 6 results

  1. Affinity does not recognize bitmap fill pattern in SVG created by other apps. Tested with Illustrator, Inkscape, Figma & Lunacy.
  2. I make quick rough concept sketches. The emphasis is on speed using keyboard shortcuts, quickly switching between patterns, and working in a single layer. Here is an extremely simplified example of what this might entail. It took me approximately 30 seconds to do this in a single Photoshop layer. I'd like to know if this workflow is possible in Affinity Photo? The only way I know how to do this in Affinity Photo takes a lot longer and it requires several layers involving multiple steps per pattern: 1. select areas to be filled 2. create a fill layer 3. navigate through the menu to the file with the desired pattern 4. apply the pattern 5. deselect 6. merge down 7. repeat 1-6 for each pattern Another problem that adds a lot of unnecessary steps is a glitch that swaps foreground and background colors every time I switch tools. Having to constantly undo the resulting mistakes and fight to use the selected color is frustrating and time consuming. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. I'm doing some architectural graphics and need just some basic fill patterns. I've watched the tutorials on how to use them but unless I'm missing something, I'm not finding any that come in Affinity Photo. I've searched but not turned up any. Not sure if I am looking for vector or bitmap. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing. Can anyone recommend a fill pattern package? Are PS ones compatible? TIA
  4. Hi, Thank you for help in advance. I'm a beginner. i 'm looking to make this design (truck+pattern) without loosing truck details (hope you understand my english). do you know how to do? thank you
  5. Could be lots better....but just playing around with the 1.9 Pattern creator. Thought I’d do a quick one applying Adjustments to it and such, see how it could translate into some graphic design imagery uses. ‘Nothing major or project-wise...just some fun experimenting. Grabbed a photo...basic layer stuff, on a Pool. 🤣
  6. I would like to use Affinity Designer and Photo as my main tools for illustration I the future. I have already unsubscribed from Adobe CC and left the excellent Photoshop and Illustrator. Still there are some things that I like to see in Affinity Photo and Designer (Pixel Persona) to make them suite all my needs. I list them here: Protect Alpha on each separate layer. Just like masking separate layers. Protect alpha is quicker, but both methods are good in their own way. The “global” protect alpha is a bit odd. Never seen that before. Separate layers protect alpha, please! Free Rotate Canvas, not just 15o,15o, 15o….Photoshop got Free rotate canvas, Clip Studio got it, Painter got it, ArtRage got it…. so why not AffD and AffP? Line Smoothing. Just like in Clip Studio or Lazy Nezumi … makes line drawing very much more easy when u use bitmap lines. Pattern Creation tool for seamless patterns. I know you can make artboards to create them … it is a bit clumsy and takes some effort. I guess it is good for vector stuff, not so much for bitmaps, I think. In Corel Painter, it is very easy to make a seamless pattern or paper texture. It would be nice to see a tool like the one in Painter inside AffD and AffP in Pixel Persona. Pattern Fill / Texture fill. Not only colour or gradient fill but also, just like in Clip Studio, ArtRage, Painter and Photoshop, where you also can make scalable texture and pattern fills. Blue Sketch. Well, on importing a layer as reference or a graphite sketch it would be very convenient to make a Blue Sketch using just one click, just like in Clip Studio. I made a script for that, but an icon in the layer’s panel makes it quick and easy. This is all I come up with for the moment. I wish all fellow photographers and illustrators out there a fortunate 2017! The same for all the programmers and the rest in the Affinity / Serif team. You really have made some great software! Love from Henry On the WestCoast of Sweden
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