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  1. With the picture I uploaded below... I was wondering how to remove the part of the rectangles OUTSIDE the circle on the left.. But at the same time keep the rectangle on the inside of the circle.
  2. I am unclear about the following: what is the difference between shrinking the canvas size to fit only part of an image and cropping the same area? Cropping is easier but are there situations where shrinking the canvas might be better? I believe that both are non-destructive methods. Thanks if anyone can help clarify this point.
  3. Hi everyone, I am still learning so please forgive. Is there a way to un crop an image when you have changed your mind late in the editing process? I tried unclip but it has a sort of see through unprocessed section. If there is a way will the returned full size image incorporate the layers of adjustments that have been applied. I am referring to Affinity Photo. Thanks
  4. I have the latest version of Affinity Photo on my MacBook Pro. I have noticed whenI rotate or straighten an image then crop it to the required size that it somehow leaves a rather uneven edge on the image which is about 1 pixel in hight along the edges! This then means I have to crop the image again to remove the uneven edge. I hope this makes some sense and it only appears to happen whenever I have rotated or straightened the image prior to cropping. Thanks for any info. Peter
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there is only non-destructive cropping in affinity photo or is the a way to crop destructively? Edit 1: Hmm i suppose that would be "Document > Flatten" to achieve this?! Edit 2: I guess that was only half the trick am I right presuming it is actually first Flatten and then Clip Canvas? Kinda strange way of getting there but seams to have done the trick for me on a picture. Cheers
  6. Please instruct me on how to crop a photo / illustration in Affinity Designer. I've tried everything I could and searched forums and videos for a long time. I'm sure it's something obvious that I will say, "ohhhhh...that's how." This is what I've done: With a working file (or a Jpeg that I open) I click on the rectangle tool to get the crop area I want. Then I click on crop tool and crop lines appear. What do I do next? I've read double clicking is the trick but where do I double click? On the crop tool? On the image I'm trying to crop? Crop lines disappear and I'm back to square one. I've also tried clicking only on crop tool to make crop marks appear and I get same results. I see crop lines but it doesn't crop. Single or double clicking on crop tool or image or hitting enter doesn't crop. Also, sometimes the crop lines are there and locked and I can only move the image moves around within the crop lines. But still no crop. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
  7. Does Affinity have any live telephone tech support? Will it work with Nik Software plug-ins? Are there any books or manuals to instruct new users? Or is it simply online tutorials?
  8. Hello everyone, Is it possible to crop an image to exact measurements? Say i have an image i need to be 3657 by 720 pixels can i do that with affinity? I often need to make exact pixel size graphics and this program looks like it would be amazing to help. Any info would be great and thank you.
  9. How do I crop an image to a hexagonal shape on a transparent layer for making into wallpaper.
  10. Affinity Photo only has entire image/document based cropping. It needs to have image/layer based cropping. While one can use selection/deletion (which is destructive) or masking (which can be awkward), I think a simple straight line crop tool (like the document crop) and a bezier and b-spline crop tool with handles/point control would be good. I'd like to see two features in that regard (time to suggest them in the Feature Request forum): • There should be a Non Destructive Crop • It should have handles/points (much as the crop tool does). That can work for both "straight lines" or on bezier and b-spline curves. * Ideally it should have x, y coordinate point readout which might help in some cases.
  11. Seems to me that if you added the ability to control a mask's transforms without impacting it's content's transform, you'd have the same functionality as the Crop Tool is to the Draw Persona, with one huge advantage: There'd no longer be the conflicting conventions of Masking being represented as happening above a Layer (and the layer coming through the mask) vs Cropping (as it is now) being presented as something happening "beneath" the layer, when it's actually operating much like a mask in that it's sitting above and preventing content outside of itself from being seen. So how to do this with Masking? It looks like the [alt/option] key is going unused when editing the transforms of a Mask (Size, Scale, Rotation) ... except for position, in which case it is being used, for duplicate functionality. Almost a perfect solution, but not quite. Perhaps... I have the solution! Right now, [command + drag] is also doing duplication of an object. Leave that, and give up the [alt + drag] to mask editing independent of content and the problem is 100% solved.
  12. As per the title. It's normally [C]. Until such time as there's a better alternative, this might work.
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