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  1. cristaline

    text on path is very laggy when dragging

    OMG you just saved my life, it works OMG, and I thought I had tried it, but hell I did wow wow wow, fix the ruler guys xD CMD+R does magic right now!
  2. cristaline

    text on path is very laggy when dragging

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm sure my current issue is solely regarding AD. AP is working just fine, 300DPI + Large Image + loads of layers no lag or very normal behavior you might wanna call it in AP 1.5.1, but AD 1.5.4 I can't even work in 72DPI any size, I move an element and have to wait 2 seconds before it follows my cursor, so in my case only AD is affected, again I don't think it's the same issue. I'm very disappointed, can't work with AD, hopefully it's fixed in the coming release. It's also easy to test, as you can "open in AP" or vice versa, so same file AD crazy lag AP as it should be. Good luck! Maybe something that got introduced with all the new things AD received with 1.5.? if I'm not mistaken. Very sad, I really needed AD to work at the moment, a lot of work came up and I'd have loved to do the work in AP rather than some other application. Anyway still hoping on relief soon, from 1.5.next. Cheers.
  3. cristaline

    text on path is very laggy when dragging

    My post was unrelated to I removed it. (I'm having lag in AD when moving items on the canvas, but AP has no such issue), so please ignore my reply here.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is only non-destructive cropping in affinity photo or is the a way to crop destructively? Edit 1: Hmm i suppose that would be "Document > Flatten" to achieve this?! Edit 2: I guess that was only half the trick am I right presuming it is actually first Flatten and then Clip Canvas? Kinda strange way of getting there but seams to have done the trick for me on a picture. Cheers
  5. cristaline

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, big respect for making these applications, this goes way beyond any expectations I might have had at first. Since I don't want to use Photoshop/Illustrator anymore, due to many reasons. I know Gimp 2.8 is not bad but just plain ugly to work with, on Yosemite at least, and Pixelmator doesn't quite cut it, at least not yet and only covers one side of the coin anyway. And I don't like to have anything using Quartz or what not, to be able to run on my machine. There are simply not many alternatives for OS X. I'm impressed and I wish you all the luck you need to keep developing these applications and hope you're building this for the years to come! Have a nice weekend, cheers!

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